The 10 Worst Kids on Film: Be Glad They're Not Yours

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When my kids are having a rough day and I’m left with an empty bag of parenting tricks, I often wonder if my kids are any harder than the rest of the child population out there.

Are my kids extreme? Is my reaction to their behavior extreme? Am I flunking parenthood? Is there an app for this? Who even knows.

Last Thursday after my rowdy kiddos went off to bed, I sat down to drown my parental failures in cable television only to find The Bad Seed playing. The irony wasn’t lost on me.

I know I have great kids who have contagious bad days sometimes. I also know I’m a serial over-reactor. Thank goodness real life is not like the movies, because The Bad Seed reminded me there are some scary-ass children on film. 

I’ve rounded up ten of the scariest, evilest, brattiest, meanest kids on film that make my kids (and all kids) look like the perfect angels.

  • Dennis the Menace 1 of 10
    Dennis the Menace
    Think of Dennis as the human version of Curious George. He doesn't mean to be bad but trouble seems to follow him. Dennis's parents are in for a wild ride once this kid hits his teen years.
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  • The Bad Seed 2 of 10
    The Bad Seed
    Young Rhoda Penmark will send chills down your spine with her cold-blooded evil ways. Nominated for four Academy Awards, this film proves perfection isn't always what it seems.
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  • The Omen 3 of 10
    The Omen
    A father discovers his "son" is antichrist. Like, whoa. This first rate gothic chiller personifies evil in a suspenseful and intelligent storyline. Winner of an Academy Award for Best Original Score, this flick will have you sleeping with the lights on.
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  • The Good Son 4 of 10
    The Good Son
    A young boy develops an instant friendship with his cousin when he's sent to stay with his aunt and uncle. All seems well until the boy's increasingly psychotic behavior begins to endanger the family. A prepubescent evil Macaulay Culkin? Say it isn't so!
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  • Village of the Damned 5 of 10
    Village of the Damned
    An unknown force impregnates ten woman in an American village. While the children are born seemingly normal, their parents soon realize these children have evil intentions and freaking scary looking eyeballs.
    <a href="
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  • Step Brothers 6 of 10
    Step Brothers
    Two immature middle-aged losers still living at home are forced to become roommates when their single parents marry. This premise of this movie is funny as hell. The potential reality of this movie is scary as hell.
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  • Problem Child 7 of 10
    Problem Child
    Even the tagline of this film says, "He's so bad even the nuns refused to keep him!" A loving family adopts a monster child hell-bent on causing trouble and causing nervous breakdowns.
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  • Children of the Corn 8 of 10
    Children of the Corn
    Don't you just hate it when you travel to the nearest town and only to be held captive by a wackadoo religious cult of children who believe everyone over the age of 18 must be killed? Me too.
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  • Orphan 9 of 10
    A couple mourning the loss of their child adopt a child from Russia and soon discover she's psychologically disturbed and dangerous.
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  • Apt Pupil 10 of 10
    Apt Pupil
    A dark teen discovers his elderly neighbor was a Nazi war criminal. A manipulative relationship develops as the dark teen's morbid curiosity with the Nazi regime begins to consume him.
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Did I miss any kids? Fill me in!

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