The 15 Types of Moms You Meet on Instagram

Instagram has quickly risen to the top of the social-media heap, and its current reign doesn’t seem to have an end date. And while it certainly draws all sorts of users from all sorts of lifestyles, it’s a fast favorite for moms.

Maybe it’s the visual way to share moments — a rare place where baby and kid photos are actually welcomed. Maybe it’s the voyeuristic appeal, allowing moms to peek inside the lives of other moms (including celebrity moms!) in a more intimate way. Maybe it’s the unique way to filter and store family memories.

But like any social media hub, Instagram users tend to fall into specific categories. (Some of these categories will attract followers, others will drive them away.)

And so I give you my unscientific list of the 15 types of moms you meet on Instagram…

  • 15 Types of Moms You Meet on Instagram 1 of 17

    Most of us fall into more than one of these categories, for sure. But which Instagram mom do you most identify with?

  • The Mom Who Hijacks Your Feed 2 of 17

    You know a feed hijacker by the multiple photos posted within seconds of one another — usually of their kid in the same outfit from multiple angles. Maybe this mom is posting a play-by-play of a sleepless night, or she has a sudden burst of Instagram inspiration. But the good news is that when someone is compelled to clog a feed, it's usually for cute reasons.  


    Apart from the mundane moments, be on the lookout for the over-sharing over-poster — with potty-time photos, food explosions, and even diaper shots. 


    Are you guilty of being an Instagram feed hijacker? Are you an over-posting over-sharer?

  • The Mom Who Makes You Want Another Baby 3 of 17

    You know the Instagram mom: She posts such heartwarming photos of sibling love that it makes you want to ditch the birth control for just one more baby.


    My favorite example: Casey from Mooshinindy. The love between Addie + Vivi is nothing short of precious, and she single-handedly makes me want to give my son a sibling. See more of the sibling love on Instagram.


  • The Mom Who Mastered the Selfie 4 of 17

    You'll recognize this Instagram mom by the #ootd hashtag, or the front-seat selfies with a kid photo-bombing from the back seat. Maybe she's showing off her sleek bikini physique, maybe she's documenting her fitness progress, maybe she's taking mirror shots to pass the time at work. But most of the mom selfies on my feed are showing off makeup or stylish outfits. 


    My favorite example: María from Very Busy Mamá posts stylish outfits, makeup must-haves, and selfies at fashion events. Her selfies are always worth posting. See more of her feed on Instagram.

  • The Mom Who Makes Motherhood Look Magical 5 of 17

    This is the Instagram mom who makes motherhood look not only manageable, but magical. Her Instagram feed reminds us of the small moments that make every tantrum, every sleepless night, worth it.


    My favorite example: Jessica from Momma's Gone City has built an Instagram following from her gorgeous photos of mom life in NYC, which she's replicating in her recent move to California. But her #TheoandBeau series — the sweetest photos of her little boy and new puppy napping together — has completely captured our hearts. See more from her Instagram feed.

  • The Mom With a Way More Interesting Life 6 of 17

    This Instagram mom is always in a new city, or taking an exotic trip, or meeting with celebrities and other important people. This is the Instagram feed that you live vicariously through. (You can also put your favorite celebrity mom 'grammers in this category.)


    My favorite example: Nadia from Child Mode enjoys some major perks to being a travel blogger — and she takes us all along for the ride. See more of her adventures on her Instagram feed.


  • The Mom Just Like You! 7 of 17

    This is the Instagram mom who makes you feel normal — the mom you connect with. She's home playing games with her kids, or renovating her house, or doing something else ordinary and familiar. By inviting you into her home, she's helping you to feel less alone.


    Favorite example: Lori from Mommyfriend, who really does have that friendly and approachable vibe that you look for in a mommy friend. See more from her feed on Instagram.


  • The Mom Who’s Way Cooler Than You 8 of 17

    And then we all have that one Instagram mom on our feed who is just a little cooler than we are — her outfits, her apartment, her photos, even her kid. She has that effortless on-trend X-factor that keeps us peeking inside of her life.


    My favorite example: Nicole from Lillies & Leon is the epitome of urban chic. See more of her Instagram feed.


  • The City Mom 9 of 17

    I have a lot of city moms in my Instagram feed — Hey Natalie Jean, Brandy from Heart & Habit, A Mommy in the City, etc. — and they all make city living look not only do-able, but desirable.


    My favorite example: Andrea Stanley — a writer and editor in NYC — makes me want to pack up and move to the Big Apple. See more from her Instagram feed.

  • The Country Mom 10 of 17

    But then there are the rural-based moms who make us want to ditch suburbia for life on the farm. The nature! The animals! The fresh air!


    My favorite example: Lauren from The Little Things We Do is one of my favorite Instagram moms — plus she posts adorable videos that makes me yearn for a little girl. See more from her Instagram feed.


  • The Mom Who Posts Every Moment 11 of 17

    Scrolling through her Instagram feed is as if spending an entire day together. You know what she ate, where she went, what she wore, how exhausted her kids were, how much they ate, and what TV shows they watched.

  • The Mom Who Mastered Hashtags 12 of 17

    You'll recognize this mom by the 6+ lines of hashtags and abundant use of emoticons. She's not being obnoxious; she's using Instagram in the way it's intended. And you might notice that the #hashtag-loving moms typically love a good blog giveaway or contest.


    Favorite example: Heather from United States of Motherhood will teach you all of the must-use hashtags, like #instadaily, #igdaily, and #igaddict. See more from her Instagram feed.


  • The Mom Who Is Zen and Inspirational 13 of 17

    Maybe she posts inspirational quotes, or thought-provoking and introspective photo captions. Or maybe she's like my pal Brandy, here, who inspires me to keep going with my own yoga practice, and reminds me to take some moments for myself.


    Favorite example: There are so many reasons to follow this Instagram feed from Brandy of Heart & Habit. She's the type of Instagram mom who not only posts zen reminders, but sweet sibling moments, magical shots of motherhood, and a city-mom lifestyle.


  • The Mom Who Blogs 14 of 17

    You'll notice this Instagram mom by the posts that serve as prompts to head over to her blog. (Like my pal Heidi from The Conscious Perspective!) Not all of her Instagram posts are bait for blog clicks, but she knows how to use the platform to keep you wanting to read more.

  • The Mom Who Makes You Laugh 15 of 17

    This is the Instagram mom who can make you smile even during the most grueling DMV wait. We all appreciate a little entertainment — and Instagram is no exception. (If you're not sure which Instagram mom persona to adopt as your own, this is the one.)


    My favorite example: Besides the gorgeous, heartwarming, NYC-based photos from the Mommy Shorts Instagram feed, she always makes me laugh. After all, she was the one who coined the #babymugging phenomenon. And who doesn't love a good baby mugging photo? (Catch out Ilana's funny blog posts at Mommy Shorts.)

  • The Mom Who Could Totally Be Your BFF 16 of 17

    She's the candid Instagram mom who you feel like you know. You laugh with her, you cry with her, you're always rooting her on. And even if you've never met IRL, you just know you'd be BFFs. 


    My favorite example: Brittany Gibbons has gained a loyal following of "friends" who appreciate Brittany's honest, open, hilarious online persona through her humor blog Brittany Herself. And her Instagram feed is the perfect reflection of a woman who isn't afraid to be herself, and who champions real women with non-filtered lives. And in a world of styled photos and sugary-sweet posts, don't we all need a Brittany Gibbons in our Instagram feed?

  • Who Did I Miss? 17 of 17

    Which Instagram moms did I forget?


    Who are your favorite Instagram mom bloggers?


    And follow my own Instagram feed at @earlymama!


Who did I forget? 



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