The 7 Moms Our Readers Meet in Elementary School

Earlier this month I posted The 10 Moms You Meet in Elementary School based solely on the personal observations made on my one and only outing each day. While the post was fun to write and share, nothing was more fun (or funnier) than reading your comments! When I asked if I left any moms out of the original list, you beautiful readers most certainly thought I had.

Y’all are a funny bunch; so funny in fact that I decided to quote you! I mean really, how could I not?

Without further ado, I hereby present to you the 7 moms our readers meet in elementary school (and hey, don’t shoot the messenger):

  • Hoochie Mom (or Mama) 1 of 7
    Hoochie Mom (or Mama)
    "Hoochie mama lol, sorry can't think of a better name, you know who I'm talking about tho! The "lady" who is 40+ but still trying to wear her 14-year-old daughter's clothes, and usually not enough of them (WAAAY too short shorts, etc). I live in SoCal tho, so maybe that's just here?"
    via Hilary Stewart

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  • Grandmother Mom 2 of 7
    Grandmother Mom
    "You also forgot the newest member of the mom group ... The Grandmother Mom. There are more and more of the grandmothers who are doing the Mom gig. She is always very early, tries to make sure nothing is forgotten, and usually is a crafty wizard!"
    via Grandmom

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  • Hipster Mom 3 of 7
    Hipster Mom
    "What about Hipster Mom? She and Green Mom are friends, but she's too cool for a Prius or Patchouli. Her kid only wears T-Shirts with retro brand logos on them and one star Chucks. She cusses a lot and lives, eats, and breaths Whole Foods. Hates anything popular or mainstream."
    via Kacee

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  • Quiet Mom 4 of 7
    Quiet Mom
    "Ah, you didn't notice the quiet mom. No one ever notices the quiet mom."
    via Story

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  • Chief Executive Mom 5 of 7
    Chief Executive Mom
    "Chief Executive Mother (CEM): This is the mom who opens the car door and her briefcase along with a child fall out. She blocks the loading zone for 5 extra minutes while putting on professional shoes and applying mascara. CEM is best friends with Late Mom. However, Volunteer Mom wants to be BFF's with CEM and stalks her every single morning in the parking lot attempting to persuade her join numerous parent clubs etc. etc. Leave me…errr CEM…alone Volunteer Mom! CEM secretly desires to be The Pajama Mama."
    via @LawmaMama

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  • Green Mom 6 of 7
    Green Mom
    "The Green Mom: Prius set to eco-mode, with Late Mom or CEM riding her bumper, she cruises into the parking lot ever so quietly at a snail's pace. Her children's veggie sandwiches, prepared from food grown in their sustainable garden, are packed carefully into their hemp backpacks. She smells of patchouli and needs her hair cut. GOOOO, punch that Prius, Lady, we're late!" via @LawmaMama

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  • Anxious Mom 7 of 7
    Anxious Mom
    "I am anxious mom. I have one child with special needs and another child with a life-threatening peanut allergy. So I come across always as the mom with a harried look in her eyes and I appear to hover and always appear anxious. Because my kids are always on the precipice of death or totally freaking out on me."
    via April

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What do you think? Do we have a complete roll call? Bueller? Bueller?

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