The 9 Best Sandwich Making Tips for School Lunches

good sandwich guideBack-to-school may be weeks away, but the lunch rush is still a daily occurrence as you shuttle the kids off to day camp or through the summer vacation routine.

If you’re super organized, you’ll get an assembly line going before bed to get the kids involved in making their lunches for the next day.

If you’re up against the clock, it’s a mad scramble to grab the semblance of nutrition from the fridge with seconds to spare before the bus pulls away.

It’s tough enough to get them to eat what you have planned on a good day, so have a look over this list of 9 great tips to avoid the soggy, inedible, squished mess in their bag.

  • DIY 1 of 9
    Keep the water-filled condiments for the sandwich in a separate bag. Cucumbers, lettuce, and tomatoes will just make the bread wet and soggy. Let them have their own sandwich buffet.
  • Spinach? 2 of 9
    Lettuce will wilt the moment it touches an oily condiment, like mayo. Try something stronger, like spinach.
  • Between The Meat 3 of 9
    Between The Meat
    Instead of putting your condiment on the bread, put it between the meat on the sandwich. Again, it won't sog the bread.
  • Cut the Meat In Half 4 of 9
    Cut the Meat In Half
    This viral sandwich guide image has it down perfectly. It's a "why didn't I think of that?" moment!

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  • Keep It Simple 5 of 9
    Keep It Simple
    There's nothing wrong with a simple sandwich. The fewer ingredients you use, the less chance there is of the sandwich coming apart and making a mess.

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  • Dress Them Up 6 of 9
    Dress Them Up
    You can find special sandwich cutters to turn their faves into fun shapes. If you can't find these, try using your cookie cutters and make a collection of stars, circles, or bears.
  • Heartier Bread 7 of 9
    Heartier Bread
    Switch it up and use a bread like rye. It's denser and can handle a rugged bus ride to school. If you skip the steps above, and put the whole thing together, rye can handle it.
  • Watch Your Meat 8 of 9
    Watch Your Meat
    Most luncheon meats can really only survive for an hour outside the fridge. If you don't have an insulated bag, or a fridge to keep the lunch in, then choose a cured meat (salami etc)

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  • Keep It Tight 9 of 9
    Keep It Tight
    Using a good bag will keep your sandwich together until lunch. Squeeze out the air, get a good tight seal, and your Ziploc will keep your sandwich fresh.

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