The Absolute Worst Things About Being A Parent

worst things about being a parentSometimes you must admit that parenting isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Amidst the cute macaroni wreaths, endless cuddles, and bold declarations of superherodom while cuddling a stuffed piggy, there are downsides to guiding these bundles of joy on the road of life.

You can start with the fact that 4 people weren’t meant to fit in a queen size bed, follow it up with 6:30a being a joyful Sunday lie in, and wash it down with losing their favorite toy that you didn’t know was their favorite until you lost it.

But hey, it’s all part of the journey. ┬áRight?

After the jump, the list of The Absolute Worst Things About Being A Parent that will have you nodding your head and sighing in agreement.

  • 4 People. 3 Seats. 1 of 16
    4 People. 3 Seats.
    Oh, sure, you THINK it's great that your infant gets to fly for free, until you actually get on the plane and have those two kids fighting in the middle seat. For 5 hours.

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  • Losing The Favorite Toy 2 of 16
    Losing The Favorite Toy
    Don't think everyone is so lucky that they find the toy again on eBay. There's a reason you buy two.
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  • Say Cheese! 3 of 16
    Say Cheese!
    It's impossible to take one simple nice family photo. Cmon kid, "Cheese!" won't kill you.

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  • Boyfriends 4 of 16
    One of the reasons I am THRILLED to have had 2 boys. Fathers and mothers of daughters, I will do my best to raise a son your daughter will be proud to bring home to you. I can't imagine what it's like to be on your end.
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  • Thomas. Dora. Elmo. Barney. Etc. 5 of 16
    Thomas. Dora. Elmo. Barney. Etc.
    Name the character, they're a pain. Your kid LOVES them, wants to see them until they actually see them. Then they toss a fit and you're left wondering why didnt save yourself the $100 on tickets and just watch the videos at home. Again.

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  • 4 People In A Queen 6 of 16
    4 People In A Queen
    Sure, when you're a newlywed, the coziness of a queen size bed is very romantic. Toss in a couple of kids and you're asking Santa for a king. Now.

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  • Wine – Sorry, Whining 7 of 16
    Wine - Sorry, Whining
    Faux, real, manufactured, genuine. It doesn't matter - there will be whine, and then wine. That's just how it goes.
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  • Manual Check Before Visual One 8 of 16
    Manual Check Before Visual One
    If you think there's been some damage down below, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS do a visual check before reaching in. What did you THINK you were going to find?
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  • Toddler Drama 9 of 16
    Toddler Drama
    The toddler drama is just training camp for the teenage years. Soak up all the experience you can, cause you'll get to do it again.
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  • Eating For Two 10 of 16
    Eating For Two
    I'm not talking about being pregnant, I'm talking about eating off their plate. Trying to get a picky eater to move it along seems to go faster when you eat half of their food too. It happens.
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  • Sleeping In 11 of 16
    Sleeping In
    6:30 AM on a Sunday suddenly feels gorgeous. Because that's actually called "sleeping in."
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  • Birthday Parties 12 of 16
    Birthday Parties
    Why do we even bother? It's 2 hours of pure chaos that is expensive when you're hosting it. When you're attending them, it's a scramble to blow $25 on a present for a kid you barely know.

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  • There Will Be Vomit 13 of 16
    There Will Be Vomit
    It took 5+ years before I finally felt the wrath, but $320 of detailing in my car, and a new carseat later I still have a car that smells like a cat died under my backseat a month ago. Awesome.

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  • Stepping On Toys 14 of 16
    Stepping On Toys
    No need to imagine what childbirth is like for this dad, I've stepped on Lego in the middle of the night, thanks.
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  • Sick Days 15 of 16
    Sick Days
    School is a breeding ground of disease. You'll notice this as soon as your kids are old enough to play with others. You may have gone decades without taking a sick day, but as soon as kids mingle, viruses breed and you're on your back in bed.
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  • Moving Out 16 of 16
    Moving Out
    In the end, you'd take all of the above over the day they're finally old enough to move out and do it on their own.

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