The Best (and Worst) Family Tech and Toys From CES 2013

new tech for families CES 2013The Consumer Electronics Show has just wrapped in Las Vegas. 150 000 people attend this show each year to see the newest ideas in consumer electronics. The show can be simply seen as a huge sensory overload of bigger, better, and bigger television sets, there is some tech for parents on the show floor.

Tech is a part of modern family life, there is no denying it. My kids have been playing with my iPhone from the day they were old enough to grab it from me, and now each have their own iPad. A recent survey from Angliotty found more than 50% of children between 5 and 8 have used a tablet, and nearly 3/4 of kids under 5 are spnding up to 30 minutes online a day.

So with that marketplace built-in and getting bigger every day, check out 11 of the Best (and Worst) Family Tech and Toys from CES 2013:

  • iPotty 1 of 11
    If you didn't think kids had enough problems being drawn to technolgy, this one will drive you mad. iPotty an actual potty trainer for kids with a built in iPad stand so they can play potty games, and, perhaps sit on the potty longer for training without complaining. This is a terrible invention. The iPotty, from CTA Digital, will be available in March for $40.
    Image via Bradley Shende
  • HAPIfork 2 of 11
    The HAPIfork will vibrate in your hand if you eat too quickly, the idea being that it takes 20 minutes for your brain to tell you that you're full. The theory is the slower you eat, the better you'll eat. The HAPIfork, from HAPILABS, will be available this spring.
    Image via HAPILABS
  • Magisto 3 of 11
    Think Instagram for videos. You know how easy it is to take photos, add the fun filters and share the result? Magisto wants to do that for your videos. This app will add filters, fun textures, music and edit your clips together into something you'll not only watch, but share. Magisto is available now for free in the App Store and Google Play.
    Image via Magisto
  • VIVOplay 4 of 11
    They call it the world's smallest communication device, parents will quickly see it as a way to keep track of the kids. The kids wear the watch, parents can watch, and communicate with them on the other end. Sten Kirkbak designed the watch to use GPS, Wi-Fi and GSM after he lost his young son at the mall. VIVOplay, from Evado Filip, will be available this summer.
    Image via Evado Filip
  • DropCam HD 5 of 11
    DropCam HD
    The addition of HD to DropCam was unveiled at CES and you can think of it as a nanny cam. Sure, you can use it to monitor your kids in a crib, but it's also just a great security camera to watch the dog, or keep an eye on the house while you're on vacation. The Dropcam HD is the only Wi-Fi video monitoring camera that saves HD video online. Watch live and recorded video anywhere, anytime. Even when the camera is disconnected. DropCam HD is available now for $149. Image via DropCam
  • iBaby Heartsense 6 of 11
    iBaby Heartsense
    The greatest sound a new parent-to-be can hear is that of their baby's heartbeat. After I heard my son's for the first time, I wanted to hear it all the time. Now new parents can with the iBaby HeartSense. A doppler microphone that pairs with an app to let you hear the heartbeat and record to share with friends. The iBaby HeartSense, from iBaby Labs, will be "available soon."
    Image via iBaby Labs
  • 4 Door Fridge 7 of 11
    4 Door Fridge
    When you have kids, you have to move out of the 2 door sports car and into a 4 door model. Do we have to do the same for refrigerators? Samsung introduced a 4 door fridge at CES, that has as much tech as your car. It has a touch panel that can run apps, keep your family calendar, share photos, videos, and recipes. Oh, and it's a fridge to keep things cold too. The T9000, from Samsung, is not yet available.
    Image via Samsung.
  • Kidzgear Headphones 8 of 11
    Kidzgear Headphones
    If you take transit, you know the volume of headphones can be an issue in public. People like their music and they like it loud. That's not the best thing for little kids and their growing ears, and neither are the earbuds. If they like to play on the iPad and you don't like listening to it, check out these KidzControl headphones from KidzGear which come in great colors and have their volumes limited for tiny ears. Available now for $20 from Gear for Kidz.
    Image via Thomas PR.
  • Storybook Reader 9 of 11
    Storybook Reader
    There is a trend of taking technology and making it backward compatible with existing toy types. This Storybook Reader from Fisher Price, for example. You pop the iOS device into the book case and then as they turn real pages, the story on the screen turn pages as well. There are many Apptivity type games on the market now. The Storybook Reader from Fisher Price is available now for $20.
    Image via Fisher Price
  • Lego Mindstorms EV3 10 of 11
    Lego Mindstorms EV3
    Lego has evolved with their audience to create a number of robotics kits under the Mindstorms brand. The new Mindstorms EV3 that was announced at CES will use bluetooth to communicate with iOS devices allowing them to be remotes for the robots.Lego Mindstorms EV3 will be $350 when available in the second half of the year.
    Image via Lego
  • Crayola Light Marker 11 of 11
    Crayola Light Marker
    Crayola has moved to the iOS world in the past few years with a big fat marker type stylus that kids can use to color on their iPad screens. This year they unveiled a Crayola Light Marker that doesn't need to touch the screen to work, it's almost like a magic wand. Crayola Light Marker is available now for $29.99.
    Image via Griffin

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