The Best Gift We've Ever Given the Grandparents.

Bless my dad…he so desperately wants to be tech savvy. He’s had an iPhone since they first debuted, he’s always tried to stay on top of the latest apps, the latest television technology, the latest computer technology and he loves his Blu-Ray with a furious passion. However, he also has handbooks stacked high and mighty next to his comfy chair telling him how all of his fancy gadgets work. Being on the listening end to him and my step mom attempting to get Skype to work is one of the most endearing sounds I have ever heard and it makes me miss them SO BAD.

My dad is also impossibly hard to buy gifts for, his birthday is 14 days before Christmas and it has always been stressful to impress him with my gift giving. However last year? Last year was so good the gift is still giving and may never be topped.

Digital picture frames are pretty fantastic, my husband has one at work and he keeps it on all day in his office. I knew my dad would love having one around…a picture frame, THAT’S ELECTRIC? YES PLEASE! However with the difficulty of explaining how to get the video to work on Skype I had no idea how I would be able to get pictures to him, let alone on the frame.

Enter the Kodak Pulse frame.

If Cody wants new photos on his frame he has to bring it home, I have to connect it to my computer, update it, upload the photos to it and send it back to work with him.

All my dad had to do was plug in the Kodak frame and hook it to his wireless. I had already uploaded hundreds of pictures to an online Kodak account I had set up and the photos showed up just like *that.*  When I take more out here in Indiana I just have to upload them and they appear within the hour at my dad’s house in Utah. After Addie’s birthday party I was able to upload photos to his frame that night and they were able to see the entire party without having to deal with facebook (I dread the day he may want a facebook account) or brave my blog where I occasionally talk about my uterus.

The frame can also pull photos from facebook or its own unique email address.

I don’t have to worry about my parents fumbling with technology and they don’t have to worry about missing a single photo of their granddaughters as they grow. As long as they turn it on? It works.

Still in need of the perfect gift for grandparents? Especially if they’re far away? Kodak Pulse frame is where it’s at.

(I realize this all sounds like a sponsored post but it’s TOTALLY NOT. I love the thing with the power of a thousand burning suns and want to get one for all of the grandparents.)



Article Posted 5 years Ago

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