The Best Of #ParentFail On Twitter

Parent Fails are good. They help you better appreciate the Parent Wins.

The confessional hashtag #ParentFail always seems to be filled with harried stories of parents trying to do right and failing, just being lazy, or just missing the point. #ParentFail was trending this week as Jimmy Fallon returned to work after his wife had a baby girl, Winnie. Jimmy brought it up for his hashtags segment and read out a few of the best/worst #ParentFail experiences from the audience.

It got me remembering my own #ParentFails of the past week. I dropped my son in the tub and he has a bruised cheek. I can’t teach my son to ride a bike, so we enrolled him in Pedalheads classes. I am writing this post while my kids sit and watch TV for the 3rd hour this afternoon.

I’m good at #ParentFail. And so are you. Here’s a look at some of the #ParentFail submissions that didn’t make Fallon’s show and have been trending since his segment aired.

  • The Best Of #ParentFail 1 of 17
    The Best Of #ParentFail

    They are funny because they are true, even if Grumpy Cat doesn't approve.

    Image via MemeGenerator

  • What Day Is It? 2 of 17

    "Dressed my kids for Crazy Colour Day at daycare today. Today is Beach Day #parentfail"
    Lee-Anne Adams

    Image via Henry Burrows

  • Learning To Ride 3 of 17

    I was trying to teach my 4-yr-old to ride his bike and accidentally pushed him from the side, instead of from behind. #parentfail



    Image via Andy Gregorwicz

  • Buckle Up 4 of 17

    "My 3 year old son announced in the car... Dad I'm in my damn seat! #parentfail"
    - Melissa Gliebe

    Image via John Mick

  • Santa Who? 5 of 17

    My mom: "Careful, that backpack was expensive!"
    Me: "You mean the one Santa gave me?"
    Mom: ... #parentfail
    - Allison

    Image via Lee Ruk

  • Hide And .. .. 6 of 17

    "I actually forgot to go look for my daughter in a hide-and-seek game. #parentfail"
    - J Laufe

    Image via Jennifer Juniper

  • Show And Tell And Eat 7 of 17

    "I once convinced my daughter to use things from her lunch for show & tell...#parentfail"
    - Jennifer Rodrigue

    Image via Mia & Steve Mestdagh

  • Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah 8 of 17

    "My mom sent me and my sisters to a camp for 2 weeks and didn't pick us up... She thought we were coming back a day later..."
    - Marsha Johnson 

    Image via Buzz Bishop

  • Missing Teeth 9 of 17

    "The tooth fairy: too many times I've had to check and find the money that was just "hidden too well" aka I placed it there as I was looking.."
    - Tanis Lungull Exner 

    Image via Scott Rettberg

  • No Snack For You! 10 of 17

    "Having the only child at camp who did not bring a snack #parentfail"
    - Eric Devine

    Image via Patrick Grace

  • Get My Drank On 11 of 17

    "My 6th birthday party was pink... no one noticed my 3 year old sister boozing on rosé because it looked like the Cherry 7UP."
    - Renee Bea

    Image via Mohammed Mustafa

  • Blow N Go 12 of 17

    "My dad once gave my brother a bath AND blow dried his hair while he was sitting in the tub... "To save time"
    - Gina Petarca

    Image via Dave Hill

  • Shower Time 13 of 17

    "After today's poop in the shower incident, I have concluded that teaching your kids it's OK to pee in the shower is a bad idea."
    - Vodka Flavored Mom

    Image via Schnars

  • No Fair! 14 of 17

    "While passing carnivals mom would say there was a gas leak and we had to get down on the floorboard and cover our heads."
    - Kristin Mente

    Image via Penny Higgins

  • Watch Me 15 of 17

    "My brother is on the treadmill, dad says, "You're not doing it right." Dad gets on treadmill, breaks arm and 3 ribs. #parentfail"
    - GrenNaga

    Image via Izzard

  • Heads Up! 16 of 17

    "Lifting my son then 2 yr old up to smell if he needed a change right into a ceiling fan in front of my FIL #parentfail"
    - Hoolitas

    Image via Roger Mommaerts

  • The Last Laugh 17 of 17

    "My dad has a TV show where he shows off tweets. I sent in a few and he didn't put any of them on. #parentfail"
    - Winnie Rose Fallon

    Image via John Rappeneker

You can watch Jimmy’s hilarious segment here.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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