The Best Response to Parent Critics Everywhere

“Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about,
but the hardest thing in the world to do.”
– Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh is a radio talk show host and father of twins. Usually his blog is filled with right wing rhetoric about how religion is more important than science or how not vaccinating your kids is the responsible thing to do.

Silly stuff.

This week, however, he wrote one of the greatest defenses of parenting and promotion of empathy I have ever read.

Matt was doing some grocery shopping when a child was having a nuclear meltdown a few rows over. One of the ones the entire store can hear. Matt came upon a listener of his radio show whom he had encountered earlier in his shopping and this was the exchange:

You glanced toward the mother and the kid, then at me, rolled your eyes and said in a loud voice: “Man, some people need to learn how to control their f**king kids.” The lady could definitely hear you, but I guess that was your intention. You had this expression like you were expecting a high five. “Yeah, put it here, dude, you really told that young mother and her three year old off! Nice!” Is that how you thought I’d respond?

That’s not how Matt responded.

Yeah, I didn’t respond the way you anticipated. Instead, I offered my own helpful suggestion: “Man, some people need to learn how to shut their mouths, watch their language, and mind their own business.” You looked at me like I hurt your feelings, then you muttered some choice words under your breath — as cowards are won’t to do — and walked away.

And it gets better. Walsh does an entire takedown of judging parents, and the two types of people who are most likely to do the judging.  Despite the Mommy Wars we often read about, our enemies are those without kids who think it’s easy, and those whose kids are grown and think it’s even easier.

Parenting is the ultimate in ad-lib theater, as most of us are making it up as we go along, and while there is a script we’d like to follow, the kids most likely can’t read it.

You should read his entire piece, and then click through some of the best lines below.

  • But MooooooooomMmmmmm! 1 of 6

    "My mom never bought me sugary cereal either — "breakfast candy," she called it. She used to get us Cheerio's — "breakfast cardboard," I called it." - Matt Walsh

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  • Causation vs Correlation 2 of 6

    "A kid going berserk at a grocery store doesn't indicate the quality of his parents, anymore than a guy getting pneumonia after he spends six hours naked in the snow indicates the quality of his doctor." - Matt Walsh

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  • Mom Ninja 3 of 6

    "The occasional meltdown is unavoidable, the real test is how you deal with it. This mother handled it like a pro. She was like mom-ninja." - Matt Walsh

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  • Tantrums Happen 4 of 6

    "Unless they plan on using a muzzle and a straightjacket, there is nothing they can do to tantrum-proof their toddler." - Matt Walsh

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  • When I Was A Parent … 5 of 6

    "I always love the older folks who lecture about how THEIR kids weren't as "attached to electronics" as kids are nowadays. That's probably true, but mainly because, well, YOU DIDN'T HAVE ELECTRONICS. You had a toaster and a black and white TV with 2 channels, both of which were pretty easy to regulate." - Matt Walsh

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  • Amen! 6 of 6
    The Best Response To Parent Critics Everywhere

    "Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do." - Matt Walsh

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