The Best/Worst of #ParentingFail On Instagram

I don’t mean to start up the Mommy Wars again.

I know we’re all supposed to ‘lean in’ and help each other out. Y’know, put the Judge Judy type attitude off to the side.

But, well, I couldn’t leave this Instagram hashtag alone.

  • #ParentingFail 1 of 18
    Some are terrible, horrible, and awful. Some are comical things we've all slipped up on. Check out the best and worst of #ParentingFail ahead ...
  • Drink Bucket 2 of 18
    Drink Bucket
    I don't know if this is fair to call a #parentingfail, I think it's kind of genius.
    Image via Boat1mea
  • Fearless 3 of 18
    Sometimes I think parents are afraid because kids are fearless. They balance it out. If you have fearless parents and fearless kids together, that can be a Darwin Award winning combination.
    Image via ash_marie1105
  • Stroller Fail 4 of 18
    Stroller Fail
    Apparently strollers are more difficult to load than carseats?
    Image via joh2004
  • Picture Day 5 of 18
    Picture Day
    Maybe nobody told dad it was picture day? Think this one is bad, check out 16 shirts that shouldn't be in the kids' section. Some of those are WORSE!
    Image via jspurg1980
  • LOL 6 of 18
    Totally guilty of seeing my kids crash, laughing, pulling out the phone, and taking a picture all before I reach out to help. Oh, it's good to be bad.
    Image via spockjenkins
  • Bumper Stumper 7 of 18
    Bumper Stumper
    I don't know why you'd put a sticker on your car anymore. I get them on your binders, or lockers, or skis, but a $20k, $30k, $40k vehicle isn't getting a sticker in my house. And certainly not a Playboy one on my minivan.
    Image via DustieB86
  • You Complete Me 8 of 18
    You Complete Me
    Image via c0lekristine
  • Tire Iron 9 of 18
    Tire Iron
    Changing a diaper is easier than changing a flat. I get that both can have "blow outs".. but ..
    Image via jdpiett
  • Look At Me! 10 of 18
    Look At Me!
    Selfies, in a bikini, with the tag on. Cmon now. Just don't.
    Image via elmaschingon12
  • Evil Dead 11 of 18
    Evil Dead
    I've mentioned it before, and it's worth repeating: things change after you have kids. You can't roll like you used to. Get a babysitter, wait til it's out on Netflix. Just stop bringing kids to movies they don't need to see.
    Image via Obee23
  • Coaster 12 of 18
    They have age/height restrictions on roller coasters for a reason. That's usually because they are not 2 yr old friendly.
    Image via yvette77
  • Drag Race 13 of 18
    Drag Race
    Forget the stroller? Car seat too heavy? Just drag the kid.
    Image via eff_yo_instagram
  • Don’t Touch That 14 of 18
    Don't Touch That
    I get that kids climb and want to play with everything. Sometimes that's not a good idea.
    Image via BryKitch
  • This Bud’s For You 15 of 18
    This Bud's For You
    I think every single parent has taken this photo. Just some of us know better than to pop it on Instagram.
    Image via Taylor Mokris
  • Common Sense 16 of 18
    Common Sense
    Should we cut them some slack that perhaps, in 1994, the dangers of riding quads like this wasn't fully known?
    Image via sincerelyamarie
  • Hood Like Me 17 of 18
    Hood Like Me
    You're going to have enough trouble with them as teenagers, why would you give a preschooler any ideas?!
    Image via shef_izher_man
  • Just Like Mom? 18 of 18
    Just Like Mom?
    We'll end it with a shot from the account for the hashtag. Why would anyone even pretend to do this to their daughter?
    Image via parentingfail


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