The Do's and Don'ts of Christmas Morning

You’ve done this Christmas morning thing for years. I have no doubt you’ve learned some lessons along the way.

Having been a kid once upon a time, I know the impossible feat of waiting until the little hand hit the “7” and the big hand hit the “12” before even thinking about waking up my parents. As a parent, I know how absolutely antsy kids can get waiting for the coffee maker to brew 6 cups of caffeinated deliciousness before the gifting begins.

Let’s keep the morning fun for everyone; shall we?

I rounded up the top Do’s and Don’ts of Christmas morning to ensure Christmassy successes and smiles all around!

  • Don’t gift up hurt feelings 1 of 17
    Don't gift up hurt feelings
    Insensitive gifts often occur on accident. Check out your fellow readers' Christmas gift fails and be careful to keep the season merry and bright.
  • Don’t make your kid eat breakfast first 2 of 17
    Don't make your kid eat breakfast first
    This old-school parenting tactic just seems downright Scroogey and unfair.
  • Don’t forget to eat Santa’s cookies 3 of 17
    Don't forget to eat Santa's cookies
    Last year I woke up late and shoveled four cookies and a glass of milk down my throat mere seconds before my kids raced downstairs. Plan ahead to avoid choking hazards.
  • Don’t forget the batteries 4 of 17
    Don't forget the batteries
    Batteries are never included. Like ever.
  • Don’t waste your time on fancy wrapping 5 of 17
    Don't waste your time on fancy wrapping
    You think your kids care how nicely wrapped their gifts are? Think again.
  • Don’t forget your pets! 6 of 17
    Don't forget your pets!
    Your pets deserve a something special on Christmas morning too!
  • Don’t spoil your kids 7 of 17
    Don't spoil your kids
    Yeah right, moving right along...
  • Don’t make gifts impossible to open 8 of 17
    Don't make gifts impossible to open
    Fancy shmancy tight ribbons and industrial tape jobs suck the fun right out of unwrapping presents. If you have to help your child unwrap her presents, step away from the tape dispenser.
  • Do be camera ready 9 of 17
    Do be camera ready
    I know it sounds vain but in the world instant photo sharing, your husband will think nothing of posting that braless picture of you with severe bed-head and a giant chin zit.
  • Do pretend to love ANYTHING your child gives you 10 of 17
    Do pretend to love ANYTHING your child gives you
    Last year my child gave me a child's bow barrette with a huge Christmas light bulb on it. It was the best present ever; I wore it all morning with pride.
  • Do expect meltdowns 11 of 17
    Do expect meltdowns
    So you spent a small fortune on Christmas and now you're wondering why your child is so unhappy. Christmas is a long day, filled with overstimulation.
  • Do remember to say thank you! 12 of 17
    Do remember to say thank you!
    Keep a list of who gave who what so you can be sure to thank them.
  • Do have the coffee ready 13 of 17
    Do have the coffee ready
    Set the coffee timer. In fact, go set it now.
  • Do wake up early 14 of 17
    Do wake up early
    Remember that thing about being camera ready? Yeah, all that has to happen before your kids wake up. Sucks, I know.
  • Do be charged and ready 15 of 17
    Do be charged and ready
    If you bust out the fancy camera once a year and have to relearn how to operate the darn thing, your kids are going to freak out. Be charged. Be ready.
  • Do expect an insane amount of trash 16 of 17
    Do expect an insane amount of trash
    Wrapping paper, twist ties, and bows - oh my!
  • Do remember the reason for the season 17 of 17
    Do remember the reason for the season
    Take the time to appreciate the glory and wonder of the holiday season with your family.

Have a Christmas morning Do or Don’t? Do tell!

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