The Easter Bunny Makes Healthy Choices: Non-Candy Treats To Hide In Easter Eggs

My kids don’t like candy.

When we’re out and a kindly receptionist type offers them a sucker from the jar, my oldest will decline with a No thank you. I don’t like candy.”  It’s nothing we taught him, he just straight up doesn’t like candy.

Parenting wins without even trying, I like those.

Chocolate, however, is a different animal – both of my boys will eat that stuff up all day long (and I’ll steal what they don’t eat).  As we get ready for the batch of spring holidays coming up this year, I’ve been having breakfast conversations with the boys about why we do what we do with each holiday.  Already this week we created the backstory that explains why Leprechauns sneak into your house and make a mess.

This morning we discussed “What would the Easter Bunny bring if he didn’t bring candy and chocolate?”  Here are some of the things we came up with:

  • Easter Bunny’s Healthy Choices 1 of 11
    Easter Bunny's Healthy Choices
    Even if you want to load up on candy and chocolate, there are other options to balance things - check these ideas out...
    Image via Buzz Bishop
  • LEGO 2 of 11
    From minifigs to random pieces, you could buy a fun LEGO set and have all the pieces in the yard inside plastic eggs. Once the kids collect them all, they can built their new toy.
    Image via Cinder's
  • Camo Eggs 3 of 11
    Camo Eggs
    If you really want to amp up your Easter Egg hunt, think like a geocacher and make the eggs extra hard to find! You can grab them from Amazon
    Image via Chris Meller
  • Temporary Tattoos 4 of 11
    Temporary Tattoos
    These tiny bits of colored paper apply easily with water and make a 5 year old feel tough.
    Image via Buzz Bishop
  • Scavenger Hunt 5 of 11
    Scavenger Hunt
    Have little clues inside each egg that lead them to the next egg, and then so on. Perhaps at the end it's a big puzzle or present from EB! (Yes, sometimes there is still snow on the ground at our house at Easter)
    Image via Buzz Bishop
  • Tickets 6 of 11
    Prebuy tickets to a movie, the zoo, or another of their favorite play places to spend Easter afternoon.
    Image via MacBeck
  • Cash 7 of 11
    Perhaps the Easter Bunny's first name is Benjamin? Toss in some dollar bills for the kids to find and then save or spend.
    Image via Baby Gaga
  • Baby Carrots 8 of 11
    Baby Carrots
    Not a bad idea, I mean bunnies do LOVE carrots!
    Image via Dan4th
  • Tiny Erasers 9 of 11
    Tiny Erasers
    Fun little erasers for school. Grab creative and themed ones at a dollar store.
    Image via Buzz Bishop
  • Cheerios 10 of 11
    If you have a rookie Easter Egg hunter, maybe swap out the chocolate for some of their favorite finger snacks. Cheerios, fruit chews, small oranges etc
    Image via Buzz Bishop
  • Broccoli 11 of 11
    My son served this option up this morning, he says if you've been bad the Easter Bunny will leave you broccoli!
    Image via Whology

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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