The Financial And Emotional Cost Of Raising Kids [Infographic]

emotional and financial cost of kids infographic

Kids are expensive. We know that, but the numbers are still astonishing.

In one year a kid costs about $13 000 for food, shelter, clothes, activities, etc. Over their “official” 18 years under your roof (we know it will last longer!), you’ll spend nearly $250 000 on that bundle of joy.

But that’s just money, we can always get more where that came from. What about the emotional cost of kids? That one’s harder to measure, but just as draining.

The more kids you have the less friends you will have, and virtually all married couples (90%) go through depression after the birth of a child. An almost equal amount (91%) say kids have wrecked their sex life.

Don’t forget the baby brain. The IQ of parents drops 12 points after having kids.


You can scroll through the full infographic after the jumpCostly Kids


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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