The Good, The Bad & The Ugly When Dealing With the Flu

The winter season is upon us now and like clockwork that brings on the flu. Since the kids started school we have been introduced to germs like never before and I have found myself having to deal with flu-sick kids a lot more then previous years.

Kids with the flu is not easy. It’s hard to see them feeling so sick, hard to deal with so many sick kids – but it’s not all bad. Sometimes having kids with the flu can bring a calmer space to your house.

Click through for the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to parenting kids with the flu:

  • The Good 1 of 5
    The Good
    It is a LOT of work when all three kids are sick but the good thing about it is when they are all sick - they get along better.
  • The Bad 2 of 5
    The Bad
    We go through tissues like crazy fast. My kids are like me and stuff their noses with tissue to keep the boogers at bay. I hate wiping the noses!
  • The Good 3 of 5
    The Good
    The flu brings fevers and with fevers brings tired kids. Not only to they sleep a lot more giving us more quiet time - but they like to cuddle a lot more. Princess R is only ever cuddly when she's sick.
  • The Bad 4 of 5
    The Bad
    The fevers bring the sleep - but they also bring the cranky! Can't blame them because they feel terrible - but the tantrums are on a new level when dealing with the flu.
  • The Ugly 5 of 5
    The Ugly
    Sorry for your eyes there ... that's me. Sick myself and little to no sleep because I am the one taking care of all the other sickies in the house. It's ugly.

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