The Home Remodeling Blues

My husband and I have been remodeling our home for the past three years. He would roll his eyes at that sentence so let me clarify. My husband has been doing a lot of home improvement projects over the last few years and I have been his delightful and not at all pushy and annoying project planner.

So far we’ve remodeled our kitchen and guest bath, purchased new appliances, painted the entire house, installed new countertops, and replaced all of the linoleum in our home with tile. It sounds quick and nice and tidy when compressed into one sentence, but in reality it has been sort of a nightmare.

We’ve been living amongst a mess of power tools and stray boards, carefully switching on lights without outlet covers, and walking on sub-flooring for, well…years. In order to save money (and bolster my husband’s do-it-yourself ego) we’ve done all of the work without any professional help outside of our family members and that means everything has been conducted at a glacial pace during weekends off of work or in the evening hours after the kids have gone to bed. 

It also means that I have spent a lot of time attempting to keep our children from gaining possession of a hammer or trying (and losing) their hand with the circular saw. As it turns out, living in a perpetual construction site is not an ideal environment for toddlers or mothers who tend to be a bit more nervous than the average parent. While my husband sweats on hands and knees installing new baseboards, I am doing my own sweating trying to keep our children from stepping on an errant nail.

This week I’m going to be out of town and, of course, my husband has announced his plans to rip up the carpet in our living room and install hardwood flooring, a job that requires a nail gun. He assures me that he can both keep a watchful eye on our offspring and complete a project. I am skeptical, however, and fully expect to return home to a house littered with wood and legos and the requirement for a group trip to the ER for tetanus shots.

Anyone else attempting to remodel their home while raising young kids? Is it slowing you down or stressing you out?


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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