The Joys of Dressing Sloppy Boys

IMG_0113I love children’s fashion as much as the next mom, but you know what I love even more? Having kids who don’t give a rat’s ass about what they wear.

Sure, I drool over the killer threads sported by fashionably famous Instagram tots. I pin expertly styled kid couture. Heck, I even buy my kids an outfit or two for full retail on rare occasion, but unless it’s picture day or Christmas Day, my kids have decided cute on clothes is optional.

My boys favor comfort above all – style, fit, function, and appropriate dress codes be dammed.

It’s funny because I pass my boys’ clothes down to another MOB (mom of boy) and she’s always commenting on how incredible the clothes look for having been through two kids. What she doesn’t know is that those fashionable designer duds were purchased with the high hopes that my kids would someday wear them. Silly Mommyfriend, fashionable clothes are for other kids.

Give my boys 100% cotton or give them death. Stains, holes, rips, tears – no matter. So long and their “tenders” (their word) are covered, they don’t give a flying foo-haha how they look.

As much as it sometimes bothers me to tote around two sloppy looking kidlets, I must admit their total lack of fashion sense is somewhat liberating. Short of Hanes t-shirts and a monthly new pair of shoes born of pure necessity, the bulk of our household clothing budget goes to the person who perhaps needs it most moi.

Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter what my kids wear. They’re not meant to be anything other than their comfortable selves. While clothes might someday make the man, in my house they’ve simply got nothing on the kid.

Do you have fashionable kids?

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