The Lazy Mom's Guide to Comfortable Style

Ever since I became a work-at-home mom I sort of bailed on myself.

As a woman who once began her commute in full corporate attire, styled hair, and perfect makeup at 6 a.m. daily, I morphed into the woman who could barely remember to shower. Hey, I’m busy working from home. Who’s going to see me besides the mailman, grocery clerk, preschool staff, all the moms at school pickup, my neighbors, my husband, and my kids? Wow…that’s actually a lot of people. Damn.

The day I finally managed to get dressed and brush my hair, my family couldn’t get over how “beautiful” I looked. How sad. I didn’t look beautiful at all; I looked dressed.

Something needed to change. I needed to find a way to achieve affordable style quickly, comfortably, and with absolute minimum effort.

I’m happy to report that after 5 months of working from home, I’ve learned a few tricks to keep us looking stylishly human. Check ’em out!

  • From the Top 1 of 15
    From the Top
  • Get a haircut 2 of 15
    Get a haircut
    Once your hair loses shape, it takes about 50 times longer to do anything decent with it. If you're really serious about embracing lazy style, ask your hairdresser for her recommendation on creating a no muss, no fuss style.
  • Dry shampoo 3 of 15
    Dry shampoo
    Hello Lover! Dry shampoo is the quickest and easiest way to give dirty hair a fresh look. Affordable, easy to use, and way faster than washing; dry shampoo is sure to become the lazy girl's instant favorite. Check out Cosmopolitan's The Best Dry Shampoos to find the perfect 'poo for you.
    Get Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Spray from, $11.00
  • Hair embellishments 4 of 15
    Hair embellishments
    Step away from the scrunchie and try a pretty headband, head wrap, or embellished barrette instead.
    Love this mini heart head wrap? Pick it up from Forever 21, $3.80
  • About Face 5 of 15
    About Face
  • Tinted moisturizer 6 of 15
    Tinted moisturizer
    Forget meticulous foundation application and apply tinted moisturizer in a fraction of the time! Even out your skin tone while moisturizing in one easy step. I swear by Smashbox's Camera Ready BB Cream. Just a little goes a long way and the coverage (as far as tinted moisturizers go) is unrivaled.
    Get Smashbox's Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35 from Sephora, $39.00
  • A perfect pucker 7 of 15
    A perfect pucker
    What's not to love about the instant illusion of style with a bold lip? Revlon's ColorBurst Lip Butter serves as a cross between a smooth lip balm and a lipstick with its bold pigment, smooth application, and serious staying power. In a wide variety of vibrant shades, you've got yourself the perfect pucker pick me up.
    Get Revlon Lip Butter from, $7.49
  • Body Rock Y’all 8 of 15
    Body Rock Y'all
  • Fitted T-shirts 9 of 15
    Fitted T-shirts
    A classic T-shirt might be the obvious choice for effortless style, but not just any tee will do. Fit makes all the difference between frump and fabulous. Whether dressed up or down, Old Navy's Perfect Crew Neck Tee's are well, pretty darn perfect. With their 60% cotton, 40% polyester blend, these tees fit without fuss.
    Stock up at Old Navy, $8.50
  • Jeans that stretch 10 of 15
    Jeans that stretch
    Last time I checked, thrashed yoga pants weren't all the rage. If you're legging shy like I am, jeans with structure and stretch are your best bet. Once again Old Navy comes to the rescue with their 86% cotton, 13% polyester, 1% spandex denim blend. With every cut, wash, and size imaginable, you'll find the structure you need and the cut that's just right for you.
    Find your perfect jeans at Old Navy, $29.50
  • Ballet flats 11 of 15
    Ballet flats
    Just like slippers only cuter, ballet flats provide effortless comfort and style in a flash.
    Pick up your perfect pair from Tom's, $79.00
  • The Little Things 12 of 15
    The Little Things
  • Big sunglasses 13 of 15
    Big sunglasses
    Lazy girl truth: I wear big sunglasses because they look cool and hide about 30% of my unmade face. Total score! Nab a few cheapy pairs so when you lose 'em you won't freak out.
  • Colorful scarves 14 of 15
    Colorful scarves
    While the weather is still cool enough, dress up your basic T-shirt and jean outfit with a bright lightweight scarf for instant sophistication and style.
  • An interesting necklace 15 of 15
    An interesting necklace
    Spicing up a basic outfit with a bold and interesting necklace is both easy and affordable.
    Like this Owl Locket Necklace? Pick it up at Forever 21, $4.80

What are your tips for comfortable, effortless style?

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