The Life And Times of Our Heroine, Wylet

We last left our heroine, Wylet, hiking in the Pennsylvania countryside with her trusty sidekick, Max.

Since then our Wylet has turned 4-years-old and recently ended a week long obsession with green leprechaun pee she discovered in the toilet on St. Patrick’s Day.

This girl, oh this girl!

She is wise beyond her years, my Wylet is. If I’m feeling a little down she is quick to offer a kiss or a cuddle and query whether I am happy yet until I am forced to declare that yes, I am happy!

She initiates her little brother into all of her shenanigans including but not limited to hunting for turkeys in the backyard, coloring on her walls, making cards for mom and dad, sneaking sticker’s onto mom’s backside and eating the dog’s food from his dish.

Here she is in action over the course of the past month:

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    Click through to follow my little gal's adventures!
  • Sledding 2 of 14
    Here she is sledding with her future husband, Nash.
  • Busted! 3 of 14
    Caught red-handed. Literally.
  • Old Soul 4 of 14
    Old Soul
    Always wants mama to be happy.
  • image-3217 5 of 14
    Her favorite music is Fats Domino, Billie Holiday and Frank Sinatra.
  • Big Sister 6 of 14
    Big Sister
    She helps her bro do everything. She still bites him sometimes too.
  • Pajama Day 7 of 14
    Pajama Day
    Who would love wearing their jammies all day long?
  • Bee-yoo-tee-full! 8 of 14
    I think she was going for the Kim Kardashian smoky eye. Nailed it!
  • Tired Eyes 9 of 14
    Tired Eyes
    This is the face that tells mom, "I need a nap!"
  • Little Equestrian 10 of 14
    Little Equestrian
    Unusually serious while riding at the animal show.
  • Blue Tongue 11 of 14
    Blue Tongue
    A ring pop for being good at the grocery store.
  • Princess Leia Hair 12 of 14
    Princess Leia Hair
    Playing with her LeapPad.
  • Ruler of the Roost 13 of 14
    Ruler of the Roost
    Sledding on the farm.
  • S’mores 14 of 14
    Hey, you have a little schmutzie on yer face.

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