The Magic Of A Box

Screen shot 2013-05-31 at 11.08.13 AMI love that my kid isn’t attached to his iPod Touch. He doesn’t want to watch TV for hours on end. (Though rainy Sunday movie marathons RULE!) He does not and will not have a TV in his bedroom for many, many years.

He’s a creative soul who loves to copy children books, paint, draw, dance, and he loves listening to music.

We even painted snow this winter!

Yesterday, a piece of furniture was delivered to our home—just a cushy ottoman. I unpacked the box and scooted the ottoman to its place in the den. When I turned around JD was inside the box.

“This is so cool, mommy!” he declared. “I’m gonna make a spaceship, OK.” (Told, not asked!) He ran to his art table and retrieved a wire bin filled with crayons, markers, and pencils.

“You wanna help me?” he said, crawling into the box with a green crayon. Dinner dishes in the sink. Clean laundry in the dryer. Every garbage in the house full. Homework not yet done.

We spent nearly 2 hours coloring and listening to music.

“Mommy, how do you spell ‘Best Friends?” he asked.

“Why?” I asked. I was working on the top of the box on a cluster of flowers. Coloring is so therapeutic, FYI.

“I’m writing Mommy and Jack are best friends. I know how to spell mommy, Jack and, and…” he said.


I had to drag him out of the box and point him to the shower. Then route him around the box to his homework worksheet. Fine, I let him play more after homework and he stayed up till 9 PM.

He woke me at 6 AM and went right back to work. He negotiated eating his waffle inside the spaceship.

He’s obsessed with his spaceship. I’m not totally freaking over the giant box in our small 2 bedroom condo.

Screen shot 2013-05-31 at 11.07.49 AM

Do your kids like to play with boxes or find simple pleasures in average things? Have a great weekend! We have a packed one: baseball, pool, beach. And Sunday dinner compliments of GF Carlo. (Make me broccoli rabe!)

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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