The Middle's Season Premiere Is All About Having A Favorite Kid

mike heck favorite kidAxel. What?! If I had to pick. It’s just that I have more in common with him I guess. It’s not personal, it’s just human nature. What?!
– Mike Heck, The Middle

Talk about timing.

I wrote a post about having a favorite kid a week ago. It goes viral and blows up the parent-sphere for 36 hours. I take the full hate of the internet straight to my face. People saying my kids should be taken from me, I’m an asshole, moron, idiot, narcissist, self centered, immature, and that was just the nice stuff.

Then the season premier of family focussed show, The Middle, tackles exactly this topic. The set-up was EXACTLY what I was saying in my post last week; dads just sometimes relate to the older kids better.

The video rolls after the jump.

Maybe it’s a dad thing.

My journey has been similar, although with less commercial breaks, and virtually no points of comic relief.

I am now very aware of every move I make with my boys, and I’m trying to switch my default to involve my youngest. I took him grocery shopping tonight, and laughed and played with him as I did with Zacharie 3 years ago.

Do I regret writing my piece? No. It was/is how I feel about a phase/stage of my life. My life is not a static line throughout time, it will ebb and flow.

My kids won’t need therapy because of a blog, although I might need it to help deal with the absolute disgusting amount of abuse I have taken from (mostly) parents who toss 4 letter words like they’re diapers into the genie.

Seriously, people. How can you yell at me for working out my issues when you have no grasp of something as simple as empathy? Great parenting doesn’t start with yelling at a stranger because he said he liked one kid more than another. Great parenting starts when you recognize you’re imperfect, and you try harder.

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