11 Super Annoying Parenting Habits

I know I’m an annoying mother. It is perhaps because I’m an annoying mother that I can write this post; it’s a “takes one to know one” sort of thing.

I don’t know that any of us can escape the clenches of annoying parentisms. We all fall victim to some degree. But that’s just it — it’s a matter of degree. The degree of parental annoyance is inversely proportional to the amount of time others want to spend with you. It’s math, and you can’t argue with math.

Check out 11 of the most annoying parenting habits after the jump and feel free to add your own in the comments below!

  • We 1 of 11
    Oh, the dreaded "we." "'We' are starting kindergarten this fall." Are you now? You started kindergarten in 1981, but whatever.
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  • Constant interruption 2 of 11
    Constant interruption
    It's nearly impossible to carry on a conversation with a parent who interrupts you every two seconds to shout something to their child. If it's not an emergency, at least let me finish my sentence.
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  • Knowing better 3 of 11
    Knowing better
    You bet your parenting experience is valuable, but so is every parent's. Value the opinions of others while remaining humble in your offerings.
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  • Using mispronounced words 4 of 11
    Using mispronounced words
    Your kid calls spaghetti "sssgetti" and now you do too. How do we put this delicately … your child's adorable mispronunciations have no place in your personal vernacular so please, stop it already!
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  • Using labels 5 of 11
    Using labels
    Perhaps your child has been labeled "exceptional." We know you're proud but you only need to tell us once; we'll remember.
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  • Sympathy for the childfree 6 of 11
    Sympathy for the childfree
    Childfree folks don't need your sympathy any more than you need theirs. To each their own!
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  • Arguing with your kid 7 of 11
    Arguing with your kid
    We've all engaged in the futility of arguing with our kids. Let us not forget who's in charge.
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  • The center of your universe 8 of 11
    The center of your universe
    Of course your child is the center of your family's universe but don't forget about everyone else out there who knows and loves you.
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  • Watching your phone instead of your kid 9 of 11
    Watching your phone instead of your kid
    When you're too busy texting Magic Mike showtimes to see your kid kick mine in the face, we have a problem.
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  • Answering for your child 10 of 11
    Answering for your child
    When your new dentist asks your child the date of her last cleaning, you'll obviously need to answer. But when Grandma asks little Sally what she wants for her birthday, let her answer.
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  • Stat bragging 11 of 11
    Stat bragging
    Your kid is in the 99th percentile for height, 90th percentile for weight, and knows how to read 12 sight words by age 3. That's awesome and everything but I don't remember asking.
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What annoys you about your fellow parents?

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