The One About the Giant Waterbed

I had put the giant outdoor waterbed of fun and excitement on our “Summer Bucket (of fun) List” and on Saturday we checked that one off with grand success. Perhaps you’ve seen them floating around the Internet, a giant sheet of plastic drop cloth, folded in half and taped together into a giant bag. You then fill the bag with water and proceed to lay on it, jump on it, roll on it and in our case, eat lunch on it.

I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing it felt to lay on it in 90 degree heat. It was the most relaxing and refreshing thing I’ve ever experienced. I don’t especially like getting wet and while a good romp through the sprinklers can be a nice way to cool off, you end up with grass clippings stuck to your feet and wet underpants (or worse you have to frolic in a bathing suit in front of neighbors.) I could have laid on our giant water bag all day while reading, snoozing or plotting out my path to the White House. My girls loved it too, Addie took to it right away while the baby was a little more cautious. It didn’t take long before both of them were romping and rolling like a couple of crazed water bugs.

We probably spent about three hours on it on Saturday and would have spent more time on it Sunday and Monday but other things came up. I couldn’t tell you if it cooled off overnight or if it simply became a giant hot water bottle after baking in the sun. I should have gotten better duct tape (there were some seeping issues) and honestly I could have halved the sheeting and it still would have been plenty big enough for my two littles.

It withstood Addie’s jumping and the baby’s crawling and my weight. The total cost was about $15, but I still have an entire other sheet of plastic to make one or two more later on in the summer. For the original inspiration for my project as well as materials used check out the tutorial here. Original idea from Play at Home Mom. If you’re curious to see how Vivi did with it you can check out that post here.

Here’s a few photos of Addie enjoying her time on the cool water, if you can swing it? We totally suggest it.

  • Jump! 1 of 7
    If the bag could hold up to multiple jumps like this from my bony kneed kid? It can stand up to yours.
  • Front flips 2 of 7
    Front flips
    She began doing handstands then flipping over onto the bag, I have a feeling she's going to ask her gymnastics coach if they can have one installed in her gym.
  • Bellyflop 3 of 7
    She liked the way the water waved and rippled after she landed belly first. I however got a stomach ache just thinking about belly flopping.
  • Bouncing the baby 4 of 7
    Bouncing the baby
    At first she'd bounce like crazy and the baby wasn't so happy with her, by the end the baby was trying to bounce just as hard.
  • Crawling and romping 5 of 7
    Crawling and romping
    No matter what we did on the water bag we were nice and cool, it was spectacular (I just laid on it, that was more than good enough for me.)
  • The scene 6 of 7
    The scene
    Gosh I love our backyard, we had to keep it down at the bottom since our yard slopes.
  • Happy 7 of 7
    I'll tell you what, there's some days it seems impossible to impress or please this kid, but for three hours on Saturday? I was worthy of constant praise and gratitude.

(Why is Addie’s face blue you ask? Oh, because her dad likes to draw blue tiger stripes on her occasionally, he’s been doing it since she was a baby.)

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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