The One Time I Spanked My Kid.

No pancakes were harmed in the making of this post.

She was five.

She was in this weird naughty phase where threats and punishments weren’t working. We’d take away privileges and she’d respond with “I don’t care.” She’d lose treasured possessions and claim “I have another.” I have always prided myself on following through and being consistent in my discipline. But nothing was working with this phase.

I joked with my sister that the only options left were to either verbally berate her (which I would NEVER do, she is far too sensitive of a child) or beat her (also something I would never do.)

One particular day she had broken at least three well known and established rules and boldly broke another one right in front of me.

At my wits end I grabbed her and spanked her, something I had never done before.

After I was done I put her in her room and went downstairs to cry. I had to google “how to spank your child” because I had no idea where to go from where I was at. I felt awful. I felt as though I had done it all wrong.

I gathered myself together, went upstairs and apologized for getting so angry at her and spanking her. I told her no matter how mad I was I should have never acted that way. She hugged me, apologized for breaking the rules she had and we hugged.

And you know what?

That weird naughty phase ended that very day.

I remember being spanked when I was around her age. I was reaching for a birthday present and was told no multiple times. Yet I still reached.

Next thing I remember was hanging upsidedown by my ankle and getting swatted hard on my behind.

I never reached for those birthday presents again and I certainly never got spanked again. No thank you for that.

I have never spanked her since. Nor have I ever been tempted to. She’ll sometimes laugh and say “Hey mom, remember when you spanked my butt?”

Yes. I remember. I’ll probably never forget.

I realize there is a lot of heated debate around spanking. But I also have multiple friends who still use it as a final resort discipline tactic. I also have several friends who tell their kids not to hit by hitting them in the back of the head. *sigh*

What is your stance on spanking? Have you ever done it?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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