The One Where You Laugh So Hard You *Actually* Pee Your Pants

Have you ever laughed so hard to the point where you pee your pants? I never have. I thought it was a figure of speech.  I really did.

This afternoon we went out for a lazy Saturday afternoon family treat of coffee, milk and donuts. The boys were their usual monkey selves and wouldn’t sit still. So I whipped out the digital pacifier.

While Zacharie quietly played Hundreds on my iPhone beside my wife, Charlie hopped on to my lap and dug into Paper Toss 2.0 on my wife’s phone so she could have some time to drink her coffee.

Paper Toss 2.0 is Charlie’s absolute favourite. There are many different levels to the game, but at it’s core, you toss crumpled paper at a trash can.  Get more points and you can choose different office environments, and different things to throw.  You can toss bananas, footballs, cans of soda, or watermelons.

Charlie loves the watermelons.

The office he always picks is the boss’, where he’s fast asleep at his desk.  Ideally, you toss the object at the fish tank, or the boss’ coffee cup. Charlie tries to hit him in the head.

When you do bonk one off his noggin, he jostles, and mumbles, and then goes back to sleep.  It puts Charlie in fits every single time.

Well, this time, he laughed so hard he peed his pants.  It wouldn’t stop. He was laughing, laughing, laughing, when my wife noticed it was running down his leg and puddling on the floor.

It was so funny. At least we thought so. The other patrons, who at first thought the sounds of childhood giggling and laughter were cute, turned horrified when they saw him pee himself.

I laughed anyway.  We got the manager, they cleaned the mess, and we stripped our little man in the parking lot before heading home for a hose down.

I’m still laughing as I write this.  Paper Toss 2.0 (it’s a free app, but there’s a lot of extra buttons you can push that can buy things, so watch out).

Get it for your kids, and watch them pee their pants laughing. Because it will happen.

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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