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Brothers. Artists.

Every kid has a hero. Some kids idolize superheroes. Some kids look up to a favorite uncle or parent. My kid idolizes his big brother.

From the time BooBoo was old enough to hold a crayon, he’s been peeking over Boy Wonder’s artistic shoulder trying desperately to follow in his big brother’s creative footsteps. So I suppose it came as no surprise when BooBoo began begging to take art lessons at age 5 just as his brother had. There was just one little problem – the cost.

With Boy Wonder still enrolled in art classes and now BooBoo, we’d be shelling out over $200 a month in lessons! That’s a luxury few parents can afford and we are certainly no exception. But how could/should/would we say no to such artistic passion? Because this kid had it, you guys, perhaps even more than Boy Wonder ever did.

I just knew that somehow we had to make it happen. So with a little budget slashing here and few sacrifices there, we decided to give it a go. And oh, how it went.

Something in BooBoo blossomed in art class that I still have a hard time understanding. He was able to focus, really focus, for the first time ever. He listened, tried, and cared in ways I hadn’t seen from him before. Soon he began finding inspiration everywhere, from cobwebs in the corner of his bedroom ceiling to insects he encountered while digging with a stick, and he drew them all.


  • Young artist at work 1 of 22
    Young artist

    Take a look at the progress BooBoo is making in art class. Please know that he is so incredibly excited that you're taking the time to view his work, so thank you.

  • 1st art class! 2 of 22
    photo (171)

    BooBoo beamed with pride at the conclusion of his first art lesson. I had a feeling we were in for something good!

  • Airplane 3 of 22
    Airplane 1-19-2013

    Created 1-16-13; medium used: crayon


    "I like this picture because it's my first one and I like that it has a star on it."



  • 1st art show! 4 of 22
    Picture 4322

    A month after BooBoo started lessons, his art school hosted their annual student art show that he was able to participate in. Look at all that pride!

  • Steamboat 5 of 22
    Boat 1-23-13

    Created 1-23-13; medium used: marker


    "The purple stuff is mountains and this boat is on a wide sea."

  • Hummingbird 6 of 22
    Bird 1-26-2013

    Created 1-26-13; medium used: colored pencil


    "I like the feet holding on and the sharp beak. This was not really hard."

  • Whale 7 of 22
    Whale 2-2-2013

    Created 2-2-13; medium used: colored pencil


    "I like about it because it's swimming near the bottom of the ocean and because it has an open mouth. I think I did a great job."

  • Snake 8 of 22
    snake 2-16-2013

    Created 2-16-13; medium used: watercolor


    "Using watercolor was kind of fun and cool and I like about it that the snake has this shadow."

  • Rabbit 9 of 22
    Rabbit 3-9-2013

    Created 3-9-13; medium used: oil pastel


    "Oil pastels were fun but they get on my clothes and [mom] gets mad about it. I like this rabbit because it has the right things that bunnies do have."

  • Starfish 10 of 22
    starfish 3-23-2013

    Created 3-23-13; medium used: pastel


    "This one looks funny, just like real starfish do."

  • Princess 11 of 22
    Princess 4-6-2013

    Created 4-6-13; medium used: pastel


    "I don't really like anything about this picture because it's a princess. My mom like it because she's a girl."

  • Dragon 12 of 22
    Dragon 4-27-2013

    Created 4-27-13; medium used: oil pastel


    "I like that this guy has spikes, sharp claws and teeth. It was kind of hard to make."

  • Snail 13 of 22
    snail 5_11-2013

    Created 5-11-13; medium used: oil pastel


    "This was fun and it felt funny to do. And I like about it that it kind of looks like Gary from SpongeBob."

  • Mountain goat 14 of 22
    mountain goat 5-24-2013

    Created 5-24-13; medium used: pastel


    "Its eyes look weird. This one took a long time."

  • Turtle 15 of 22
    turtle 6-8-2013

    Created 6-8-13; medium used: oil pastel


    "This was easy to do and I like it because I like turtles."

  • Lizard 16 of 22
    camelion 6-15-1203

    Created 6-15-13; medium used: oil pastel


    "I like lizards too so this was cool to do and it's colorful and that's good."

  • Flamingo 17 of 22
    flamingo 7-13-2013

    Created 7-13-13; medium used: oil pastel


    "I like doing this one because flamingos look funny and stand on their feet funny."

  • Hippo 18 of 22
    hippo 7 - 27 -2013

    Created 7-27-13; medium used: oil pastel


    "I liked making this because hippos are fat and I like that about them."

  • I. am. a. ro-bot. 19 of 22
    photo (172)

    Mr. Roboto in action.

  • Robot 20 of 22
    robot 8-17-2013

    Created 8-17-13; medium used: oil pastel


    "I like robots and it's standing on a planet."

  • Patrick 21 of 22
    Patrick 8-24-2013

    Created 8-24-13; medium used: watercolor


    "In SpongeBob the show, Patrick is so dumb and it's funny. Watercolors are hard because the paint goes everywhere".

  • Lotus flower 22 of 22
    lotus 9-7-2013

    Created 9-7-13; medium used: watercolors


    "This was fun to make but a little hard. Watercolors are hard."


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