The Pros and Cons of Going To Comic Con with Your Kid (and Husband)

Last year my husband, Joseph – a major comic book geek fan – bought us tickets for Comic Con. (He bought himself the 4-day pass and got me and our son, Norrin, passes for Sunday.) Now I like comic book movies and I’m a huge Star Wars fan. I did agree to name my son after a Marvel superhero and his middle name is Luke, as in Skywalker. And since meeting my husband, I have been to a few comic book conventions. But I was not at all prepared for the insanity of comic con.

We went and had such a good time that I agreed to go again. With one condition – we not go on Sunday. It was just too crowded for me.

So this year, we purchased Thursday tickets and I kept Norrin home from school. Yes, I let my kid skip school for Comic Con.

Here are my list of Pros and Cons of going with your kid and husband to Comic Con

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    Comic Con 2013_Lisa Quinones Fontanez_Babble

    If you're thinking of going to Comic Con next year, click through to see the pros and cons of going and some things you'll need to know before you go. 

  • Rub Elbows with Celebrities 2 of 10
    Joseph Cheo Fontanez Comic Con 2013 DMC

    PRO: Going to Comic Con you are bound to see some celebrities...of course be prepared to have some cash on hand because autographed pictures and photos with celebrities can get expensive. But sometimes you'll get lucky (like my husband did) and you'll find a celebrity - Darryl "D.M.C." McDaniels (from Run DMC) - roaming the aisles and he'll agree to pose for free.

  • Your Husband May Want To Wear This 3 of 10
    Joseph as Hipster Boba Fett Lisa Quinones Fontanez

    PRO:  It's fun to see your spouse embracing his Disney Side. So many people get dressed up to go to Comic Con. Part of the charm is walking around and people watching...some folks go all out!


    CON: Your spouse may want you to embrace yours and ask you to dress up. Nope, still haven't dressed up. Maybe next year.  

  • Star Wars 4 of 10

    PRO: If you love Star Wars like we do - Comic Con is THE place to be. This photo is from last year but it's one of my favorites.

  • Share Childhood Memories 5 of 10
    Comic Con_My Little Pony_Lisa Quinones Fontanez

    PRO: As a little girl, I loved My Little Pony. And Norrin is starting to get into it too! I was super excited for this photo opp. 

  • Walk in Crowds 6 of 10
    Comic Con_Lisa Quinones Fontanez

    CON: Okay maybe this isn't the crowd you have to walk through but it sure does feel like it. I thought going on a Thursday would be less crowded. I was wrong. I mean it wasn't as crowded as a Sunday but there are still places that you have to walk in single file. Which can be a challenging when you have a kid with autism. 


    Safety Tip: Make sure your child has some kind of ID on him. We made Norrin wear is ID necklace. And I took a picture of him - in case he got lost, I could describe exactly what he was wearing. 

  • Buy New Books 7 of 10
    Comic Con_Disney Publishing

    PRO: We love reading in our house and there are many opportunities at Comic Con to buy books that you won't find in stores or on online. 

  • See Cool Things 8 of 10
    Comic Con Mega Blocks Lisa Quinones Fontanez

    PRO: Yes Comic Con is total sensory overload but it's fun! There is so much cool stuff to see. And I love seeing Norrin get excited about all the attractions. 

  • Wander Around Aimlessly for HOURS 9 of 10
    Comic Con Father and Son Lisa Quinones Fontanez

    CON: The Comic Con convention is HUGE! I kept asking Joseph if he had the floor map or if he knew what he wanted to see next. But Joseph's thing about Comic Con is that part of the "fun" is just walking around aimlessly. (So ladies, wear comfy shoes and know that there is no place to sit and rest.) 

  • Family Time 10 of 10
    Comic Con_Family Time_Lisa Quinones Fontanez

    PRO: This year was the second year in a row that we attended Comic Con, I like that we're starting a tradition. It's something fun that we can enjoy as a family. I may not enjoy it as much as Joseph and Norrin but I like seeing them have fun. That's what really makes Comic Con fun for me. 


Writing it all down, I guess the pros far out weigh the cons. But if I decide to go next year, I will take snacks with me (I spent $30 bucks on 3 bottles of water and 2 small frozen yogurts) and will not wait until the last minute to purchase tickets. For real. The date for Comic Con is already set for next year and tickets should be on sale in a couple of months, if you really want to go, buy them as soon as you can before it’s too late.

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