The Readers Respond: Weird Things My Kid Collects

Kids are weird. Don’t misunderstand, I mean that in the nicest possible way.

Between you and me, I think kids are so wonderfully weird because they haven’t quite realized that people are watching. The general public will forgive and even celebrate weird kid behavior because it’s awesome, and perhaps even more than being awesome, it’s downright entertaining.

One of the more obvious indicators of childhood weirdness is their compulsion to collect things. Weird things. My youngest collected small things—buttons, itty bitty rocks (read: kernels of sand), beads, dried beans, seeds—basically anything that made him feel like a giant to hold. “Look, Mommy! It’s so little in my big hand!” Uh huh, ahhhmazing.


  • Collect ’em all! 1 of 16

    I reached out to the Babble audience for the weirdest things their kids collect. Take a look at what they said and collect 'em all!

  • Snails 2 of 16

    "Um, snails. It's because of Turbo, the movie." ~Keri of My Constant Chaos


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  • Tags 3 of 16

    "My son used to collect tags.. any kind.. shirt tags, blanket tags and even the ones off the pillows. Used to drive me insane." ~Christina



    Image credit: Shutterstock

  • ketchup packets 4 of 16

    "Ketchup packets. My kid grabs them with both hands and stuffs them in his pocket. He likes to squish the packets. Weirdest thing is, he hates ketchup. What kid hates ketchup?" ~Eric


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  • Magazine order cards 5 of 16

    "Order slips in magazines. Lol found a staxkbof them in his dresser." ~Jennifer



    Image credit: Shutterstock

  • Mailing glue 6 of 16

    "You know that gooey glue used in the mail to affix credit cards and discount coupons to paper? My daughter loves peeling that stuff off and smooshing it into a big goo-blob she has. I tried to throw it away once and she flipped out." ~Shelly



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  • Receipts 7 of 16

    "My son collects receipts and gets really excited to find bank receipts by the ATM." ~Kelly



    Image credit: Shutterstock

  • Boogers 8 of 16

    "My cousin had a booger collection growing up." ~Krista



    Image credit: Shutterstock

  • Marker caps 9 of 16

    "My son has a giant shoebox filled with marker caps. No markers, just caps. That also means I have thrown away a million dried out markers." ~Rachel



    Image credit: Shutterstock

  • Amusement park maps 10 of 16

    "My daughter loves amusement park maps!" ~Catie



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  • Rocks 11 of 16

    "My child collects rocks. And acorns." ~Elizabeth of The Writer Revived


    "My daughter "Raru" collects rocks. She puts them in a giant bag and leaves them on our front porch. She doesn't look for anything fancy and is not picky about shape or color, but just small rocks from everywhere and anywhere (playgrounds are her favorite)." ~Devan of Accustomed Chaos


    "My son has rocks from around the world whenever someone in the family goes on vacay. Some from Iceland, Scotland, Africa, etc." ~Buzz of DadCAMP


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  • Coasters 12 of 16

    "My kid is 2 and he collects coasters and playing cards. Wtf?" ~Brooke



    Image credit: Shutterstock

  • Leaves 13 of 16

    "My year old is obsessed with leaves. I'm constantly finding them throughout the house after playtime." ~Marissa



    Image credit: Shutterstock

  • Business cards 14 of 16

    "My son collects business cards from everywhere! He can't take just one he tries to take a stack full, from anywhere he sees them." ~Rachel



    Image credit: Shutterstock

  • Bottle caps 15 of 16

    "My daughter collects bottle caps wherever she can find them and my husband and I don't drink so whenever we go out to eat she asks the server if they have any in the back that they can give her." ~Molly



    Image credit: Shutterstock

  • Straws 16 of 16

    "My son collects straws. I'm constantly finding them all over the house and under his bed. What is he doing with them?" ~Amber



    Image credit: Shutterstock


Your turn! What weird things does your kid collect?

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