The Sandcastle Contractor

One of my go to shows during the end of my pregnancy and during Vivi’s early days in our family was a reality series called Sand Masters. It followed professional sand castle makers all over the world as they made these enormous sculptures of sand that rivaled anything I have ever seen. The episodes were short and entertaining and got me through some rough patches over the last year…what I didn’t realize until today is that by watching that show I have become a bit of a sandcastle enthusiast. I’m not about to carve dolphins and sharks from the sand but you’d better believe that while Vivi napped and Addie waited in wild anticipation for the moment we could go out to the beach I gave her sandcastle building lessons in the hotel room.

Little did I know Addie was actually more excited about destroying them than building them.

  • Digging for Wet Sand 1 of 6
    Digging for Wet Sand
    I told her first you have to dig down deep enough to find the really good sand that is wet but not *too* wet.
  • Pounding Down 2 of 6
    Pounding Down
    I realized I forgot to take photos of us pounding sand into the molds, you have to fill the bucket in layers, pounding down the sand with your hands as you go, making sure all the little details are packed. (There's no photo of this process as my hands were covered with sand.)
  • Lifting Straight Up 3 of 6
    Lifting Straight Up
    There were a few mistakes as she tried to pull off the molds at an angle, lost turrets and bricks, but before soon she was a lifting straight up expert.
  • Washing them away. 4 of 6
    Washing them away.
    Within a minute of having her little kingdom set up she asked if she could pour water on it. Hey, it's your trip to the beach kid, do what you want.
  • Bigger Buckets Work Better. 5 of 6
    Bigger Buckets Work Better.
    After realizing the little blue bucket wasn't doing much for her plans of destruction she switched to the much larger bucket and had far more success.
  • Destroyed. 6 of 6
    One sandcastle successfully destroyed, the other ones were gone in less than a few minutes. Don't worry, we'll be back outside making more tomorrow.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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