The Seven Ages of…Dylan (Photos)

My oldest baby turned 7 yesterday. Though, if he knew that I’d just referred to him as a baby, he’d probably kill me. The thing is, I realize he’s no longer a baby. His unwillingness to change in front of me, and the fact that he spends the majority of his day at school, learning things that make him smarter and seemingly older, has taught me that his baby days are long gone.

But even though he’s no longer a baby, he’s still my baby. He was my first child, the real first piece of my heart. The one who taught me what everyone meant when they said “You’ll understand when you have kids.” It was infuriating to hear before I had children, but as soon as he existed, it clicked.

Life was different.

And while the past seven years certainly haven’t been all roses and warm fuzzies, I wouldn’t change a single thing about them. Or him.

As much as my life has changed, it’s fun to look back and see just how much Dylan has changed in that same timeframe. In the grand scheme of things, seven years is a mere blip on life’s timeline, so it’s pretty amazing to stop and think about just how much they grow.

Happy Birthday, Dylan. Keep on being awesome.

  • Birth Day 1 of 8
    Birth Day
    He was born at 9:28am on a Monday morning, weighing 6lbs 7ozs. Although I thought I knew what was in store, nothing could quite prepare me for just how drastically he would change my life. For the better.
  • 1st Birthday 2 of 8
    1st Birthday
    By his first birthday he was already an accomplished walker, but he still had very little hair. He was also a huge fan of Elmo, and, apparently, cake.
  • 2nd Birthday 3 of 8
    2nd Birthday
    His love for Elmo had declined a bit, and a total and complete obsession with all things Thomas the Tank Engine had taken over. Also, he finally had some hair and had actually required a haircut!
  • 3rd Birthday 4 of 8
    3rd Birthday
    Getting bigger by the minute, he still loved Thomas, but also loved to be outside playing in the grass. Notice the grass stained feet and popsicle streaked torso. Life is good for a 3 year old.
  • 4th Birthday 5 of 8
    4th Birthday
    At 4, he was this weird combination of baby/boy. He still had some baby chub and I was apparently still clinging to his somewhat curly, shaggy hair. But personality and intelligence wise, he seemed so much more "mature" in comparison to three.
  • 5th Birthday 6 of 8
    5th Birthday
    His first adventure into organized sports. He seemed so big, but looking at this picture now makes me realize just how little he still was. His love for the outdoors was replaced by a love for all things video game related. I blame, in part, the onset of horrible seasonal allergies on this development.
  • 6th Birthday 7 of 8
    6th Birthday
    The difference from 5 to 6 is noticeable. He changed so much that year, and gave up Preschool for Kindergarten. He also perfected his Nintendo gaming skills and could pretty much play anyone under the table.
  • 7th Birthday 8 of 8
    7th Birthday
    He's finally a real boy! It's so strange to look at him now, and realize that, at 7, he's very much his own small person. His personality has stayed very much the same for the past seven years and I have to say, he's a pretty awesome kid. I can't wait to see what's in store.

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