The Skull of a Loose Toothed Child.

I am in the thick of loose teeth around these parts. She’s lost two already and has four more that grow wigglier by the day. Someone commented on a photo a few weeks ago “You’re about to enter the awkward teeth phase.” Not knowing what she meant I asked a friend of mine with older kids what the commenter meant.

“Little kids go through this phase where their new teeth are just too big for their mouths, the come in at different rates and angles and so you’re kid’s left with a mouthful of seemingly mismatched teeth for awhile.”

I looked closer at Addie’s mouth, sure enough things are spacing out (which explains why her loose teeth can twist and tumble in all sorts of unnatural positions) and her baby teeth are starting to look a bit small.

I’m not sure how I came across the next photo, while it is a bit macabre (and unfortunate that it exists,) it is fascinating to see what is going on in Addie’s jaw as her adult teeth come in.


I knew her new teeth had to be in there somewhere in order to push the baby teeth out, but I never pictured it looking like this.

This child had lost the same teeth as Addie (front bottom) so I can only assume that this child passed away around the age that Addie is now.

Fascinating what our bodies are doing everyday that we are completely unaware of or take for granted.

Image Credit: Stefan Schäfer via 22 Words


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