The Snowy Day(s), by The Polar Vortex

The Snowy Day(s)How Ezra Jack Keats’ children’s book, The Snowy Day, might read if it were written during the Polar Vortex in 2014…

One winter morning Noah woke up and looked out the window. A dumping of snow had fallen during the night, once again. So much that it canceled preschool, once again. It covered everything as far as he could see.

And his mother quietly sobbed in the corner.

After breakfast he put on his snowsuit and ran outside. Despite the snow piled up very high along the street, he still had to trudge through ankle-deep snow because the plowers are only human and THE SNOW WON’T STOP FALLING.

Crunch, crunch, crunch, his feet sank into the snow.

Crrrrrunch, crrrunch, crrrruuuuunch, his mom’s feet slowly followed behind, sounding … disheartened.

He thought it would be fun to join the big boys in their snowball fight, but his mom told him that he wasn’t old enough — not yet.

So, she snowball-bombed him while he wasn’t looking, and they exchanged powdery bursts of snow through the air.

Together, they made a smiling snowman and she taught him to make angels. But he was quickly bored, so out came the plastic shovel and snow-brick maker and snow crayons.

photo 1-7

After spending an hour (watching his mother) digging tunnels and pathways, he pretended he was a mountain-climber. He climbed up a great big tall heaping mountain of snow — and slid all the way down.

photo-19 copy

Once he realized that he couldn’t feel his feet and the snot was freezing on his face, it was time to go back into his warm house.

He picked up a handful of snow — and another, and still another. He packed it round and firm and was about to put the snowball in his pocket for tomorrow … until he realized how ridiculous that idea was, because he’s not a toddler. C’mon, now.

He swiped through photos of his adventures on his mother’s iPhone while she struggled to wrestle his wet clothes off of him.

And he thought and thought and thought about them.

While he slept, he dreamed that the sun had melted all the snow away. (For the record, his mother had the same dream. More like a fantasy.)

But when he woke up, his dream was gone. The snow was still everywhere. Like…everywhere. New snow was falling, and his mom’s weather app said it wasn’t supposed to stop anytime soon.

After breakfast he asked his mom to text his friend’s mom because, obviously, no school again.

And the two friends went out together into the deep, deep snow, while their moms hung back and talked about their feelings. Happy snow day to all!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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