The Tooth Fairy Rules According To A Six Year Old

My son finally lost his first tooth today. Many months after the kids in his class and friends had popped a chicklet, his first finally fell out while chomping on a hot dog at The Calgary Stampede.

He went absolutely nuts. He was so thrilled. He had so much pent up anticipation that the adrenaline exploded and he was running around the rest of the day telling anyone who would listen that he lost a tooth.

As I write this on the couch outside his room right now, he keeps telling me to, “Go to bed, please Daddy.” Apparently nobody is allowed to be awake once the offering to the Tooth Fairy has been placed bedside.

I’m not going to get in to the pros and cons of Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy here. I think it’s awesome that kids have a suspended belief that allows for such magic to be possible.

Instead, I asked Zacharie what the Tooth Fairy rules and expectations are for kids in 2013.  Here are his answers:

  • Tooth Fairy Rules 1 of 9
    The Tooth Fairy Rules According To A 6 yr old

    From how it all goes down to what she does with the teeth when she gets them, my son explains the Tooth Fairy mythology.

  • How does she get in the house? 2 of 9

    "She goes through the wall, she doesn't make a noise because she's very tiny."
    Image via Abi Skipp

  • Why do *I* need to go to bed? 3 of 9

    "Everyone needs to go to bed right away so the tooth fairy can come. She won't come if you're awake."
    Image via Buzz Bishop

  • How does she fly? 4 of 9

    "She's covered in all sorts of glitter."
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  • How does she know which tooth to take? 5 of 9

    "You put in a glitter tooth you get from your dentist."

    (Side note: This was a very important distinction to make, as our 3-year-old was worried the Tooth Fairy, once in the house, would get confused and take all of his teeth.)
    Image via Buzz Bishop

  • How does she carry the tooth? 6 of 9

    "If it's tiny, she holds it in her hands, if it's too big, she has little fairies who will help her."
    Image via David Wakefield

  • What does she do with the teeth she collects? 7 of 9

    "She keeps it how it is, but she gets the blood off. She cleans it and keeps it. She just keeps it. She only looks at it."

    Image via Christopher Webb

  • What do you get from the Tooth Fairy? 8 of 9

    "You get a coin or a present!"

    (Side note: This question was key to establish the expectations of our son and to make sure we met them, or adjusted them before he woke up).
    Image via Dina Roberts

  • What’s the going rate for teeth? 9 of 9

    I asked this one of parent friends, not Zacharie. In Canada, we're lucky. We have $1 and $2 coins that are kinda cool for kids. They're "big money," so you can get away with leaving a $2 coin when you swipe the tooth. The $1 coins are gold color, so you can even pawn it off as a "gold coin." Some, however, choose to give smallish gifts. I've got no problem with either, because I think it's more about the magic than the actual trade item. The fact that my son believes in fairies that fly through walls covered in glitter is the coolest part of this charade, and a small coin keeps that myth believable, so that's where we leave it.
    Image via Shardayyy

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