The Top 10 Reasons I Love Mothering Boys

Obviously I love my sons; they are super awesome people I’m proud to know. Mothering boys in general is an amazing adventure for which I have so much to be thankful for.

You bet if I had a girl, I’d write a post celebrating the joy of girls but I’ve got to stick with what I know, and I know me some boys.

Letterman style, here are the Top 10 Reasons I Love Mothering Boys:

  • #10: The dirt (no, really) 1 of 10
    #10: The dirt (no, really)
    I am a reformed neat freak, so reformed I'm downright messy anymore. Having boys has taught me there's way more to life than a pristine house and the frustration that comes with it. It's all about living.
  • #9: Road trip bathroom breaks 2 of 10
    #9: Road trip bathroom breaks
    When you road trip as much as we do, you really come to appreciate the fact that road trip bathroom breaks aren't such a big deal for obvious anatomical reasons.
  • #8: Being the queen 3 of 10
    #8: Being the queen
    I dig the whole mama's boy thing. My boys always tell me I'm beautiful, assume it's my birthday whenever I wear a dress and adore me in a way that's downright addictive. I wish I could bottle all that up for all of eternity; I really do.
  • #7: Not having to do their hair 4 of 10
    #7: Not having to do their hair
    Oh lawd, the fights my mom and I used to have in the mornings over my hair. My boys get a quick finger-comb through if they're lucky.
  • #6: They don’t care about their clothes (yet) 5 of 10
    #6: They don't care about their clothes (yet)
    I realize at some point their clothes will become an issue but right now they'd be satisfied in a potato sack, so long as I cut the tag out of course.
  • #5: The opportunity to stretch myself 6 of 10
    #5: The opportunity to stretch myself
    My boys love the outdoors and I, well, how do I say this…don't. I'm slowly coming around though and I kinda like it.
  • #4: The volume 7 of 10
    #4: The volume
    I love the sound of boisterous laughter and joy. Sure, there are times it gets on my nerves but my sons are hilarious and bursting with life.
  • #3: The opportunity to raise well-rounded men 8 of 10
    #3: The opportunity to raise well-rounded men
    May my boys grow to make great husbands and fathers (and learn their way around a stove and a washing machine).
  • #2: Roughhousing 9 of 10
    #2: Roughhousing
    Sure, it's all fun and games until someone loses and eye but until someone loses an eye, it's all fun and games.
  • #1: The brotherhood 10 of 10
    #1: The brotherhood
    It's a sappy, sappy thing to see my boys love/hate/love each other the way they do. It makes me so proud to have given each one of them a friend for life and fills me with all sorts of yummy goodness.

Got boys? What do love about parenting boys?

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