The Trend Of Making Time-Lapse Photos/Movies Of Your Children

Portrait of LotteWhen it comes to keeping track of the kids, I’m a little old school.

There is a growth chart in our boys’ playroom. Lines and stickers and scribbles mark their progress at birthdays and other random times throughout the year.

It’s fun to have them measure up against how they are now versus how they were then.  Still, I wish I had done one of the clever photo memes that you see all over the web. I do have thousands of pictures of my kids scattered across Flickr, Instagram, 3 iPhones, and 2 computers but none of them were organized with an end project in mind.

Other parents, however, have planned ahead. Doing time-lapse of your kids as they grow really is now a thing. And while it’s a ‘thing’ for 2012, the parents who are going viral for doing it have been working at it for decades.

After the jump, I’ll run through some of the best of the meme and show you some apps that you can use to get started on time lapsing your kids.

  • Photo Re-enactments 1 of 8
    Photographer Irina Werning is an admitted fan of old photos. She created her Back to the Future by asking friends and family to recreate old photos.
    Image via Pondly
  • Copco Lake Photos 2 of 8
    5 friends went viral in the summer with their photo re-enactments taken every few years at their summer retreat. The 5 friends take the same pose from a favorite photo from when they were 19, and have done so for 30 years.
    Copco Lake 1982 / 2012 - Image via John Wardlaw
  • 21 Years Every Day 3 of 8
    We take a lot of pictures of our kids. We all do. Ian Mcleod took one every day of his son Cory and then put them together in a 6 minute time lapse. More than 7 000 images make up the 6 minute YouTube clip that show him growing from infant to man. Just as how we experience life, the infant moments start out slowly before the teen years start racing by. Parenthood really is over before we know.
    Image Credit YouTube
  • Portrait of Lotte 4 of 8
    Frans Hofmeester was a sensation earlier this year when his time lapse of his daughter Lotte went viral. He filmed her every week from birth until 12 and made a time-lapse of her growing up in less than 3 minute.
    Image Credit YouTube
  • Portrait of Vince 5 of 8
    Not to leave his son out, Hofmeester made a similar film chronicling his son Vince from birth to age 9.
    Image Credit Vimeo
  • Introducing 6 of 8
    One of the best time-lapses you can do is with a growing pregnant belly. Introducing has more than 9 million YouTube views and is all very cute, until the kissing the belly birth part 😉
    Image Credit YouTube
  • Pictosaur 7 of 8
    Pictosaur is an app that can help you do these sorts of projects by lining up the previous pictures of your kids. Start with an infant in a breastfeeding pillow, and Pictosaur will help you line them up so you can watch them grow.
    Image Credit iTunes
  • Babyfilm 8 of 8
    Babyfilm will help you take your weekly (or daily) pictures of your kids and turn them into time-lapse movies. The more photos you take, the better the movie.
    Image Credit iTunes

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