The Ultimate Sore Throat Remedy: PS: Your Kids Will LOVE You!

Hello! If you read my blog earlier in the day, you know my sweet JD has Strep Throat. Sucks, but glad it’s bacterial and not viral, because at least he has 4 doses of antibiotics in him and now he’s on the mend. As for the pain, that is just plain old sad. I’ve been rotating Motrin and Tylenol … and administering ice pops upon request. But, tonight I discovered another magical, natural remedy and I must share it with you. Get ready to bookmark this page, as cold and flu season are upon us. Yuck.

It all went down like this: JD woke up from his sicky nap and asked to watch cartoons. I turned the tube on and a turtle and his animal friends were on a camping trip roasting marshmallows. “I want marshmallows, Mommy! Please!” JD begged. If I had ’em, I would have handed the bag over, but the pantry was not stocked with the fluffy white squares-o-sugar.

Upon telling JD this, he went into sick melt-down mode. After being in Strep Throat condo for 48 hours, I called 911. (Also known as Poppa Coppa.) “Dear God, please bring your grandson a bag of marshmallows,” I begged into the phone. Of course he said, “No prob!” Once I told JD that Poppa Coppa was prevailing North with mallows he chilled out—but of course I exposed this on Facebook, because this is what I do, hee-hee: JD is demanding marshmallows. I’ve been confined to strep throat condo for 48 hrs. Gaaahhh.

It was then a Facebook friend, who I don’t know in real life (Hi blog reader!), chimed in and told me that marshmallows are actually a natural remedy for a sore throat. What!? My reporter brain activated and I … googled. It’s true!

“For centuries, physicians have extracted the juice from marshmallow plants, which grow in damp, marshy conditions across Europe and western Asia. The shrub’s key ingredient is a substance called mucilage, a viscous, gel-like liquid that soothes and protects inflamed mucus membranes and other tissues.” (Via

JD ate four big marshmallows and declared, “My throat is all better and so smooth!” (Thanks Poppa Coppa!!! You rule!!!)


Marshmallows! Who would have thought? So, in addition to stocking up on tissues, cold meds and fever reducers—add marshmallows to your combat flu season list.










Have you guys heard of this? Please share any other natural remedies for sore throats. XO

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