The Unlikely Way I’m Bonding with My Tween Son

face maskYou guys, I’m struggling with the tweenage years already. Boy Wonder is only 10 years old and I feel like we have less in common than ever.

This kid has always been the yin to my yang, the macaroni to my cheese, the chow-chow to my beans and now, well, we’re just two people struggling to relate to each other the best way we know how. I suppose I always knew growing up would cause a divide between us, I just didn’t think it would happen this soon or make me feel this sucky.

As my boy continues to grow and occupy himself with new and creative ways to define laziness, I find myself scrambling for ways to bond with my awesome kid.

It all seemed so hopeless and impossible until it came along. It being the Mount Pinatubo of all pimples that suddenly erupted on Boy Wonder’s face.

It was gross, y’all. Like OMG, are you growing another nose on the side of your face? gross. I wasn’t even sure it was human or whether or not he needed urgent medical attention, but there it was, his first absolutely epic pimple.

As a puberty survivor you already know that Herculean pimples hurt like a mother, so in typical budding man fashion, he whined and became completely debilitated by said zit.

First there was picking (by him, not me), followed by bleeding, bandages, and finally, bonding. Yes, bonding. Bonding over the emotional and physical pain of a blob-goblin partying atop his beautiful face.

We talked pimple prevention, treatment, and of course, the Holy Grail of all things – beauty products. OK, so we didn’t braid each other’s hair or share our deepest darkest secrets but we put on face masks. My tween and I. Together. And it ruled. And I felt connected. And I think he did too.

Friends, it takes so little for moms, particularly moms of boys, to feel connected. As our boys grow, our moments of real connection become not only fewer, but about a billion times more precious.

Bonding over a zit? I’ll take it. Along with the next weird and beautiful moment we share because I’m ready, willing, and most of all, wanting to capture every last one.

Do you have an unlikely tale of bonding with your tween? Celebrate it in the comments below!

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