The World’s Largest Family Has 94 Kids And Counting

Jon and Kate have 8 and, back in the day, we all loved it. Do you remember how riveted you were to that family’s story when they were the biggest stars on TLC? We loved watching the couple cuddle on that love seat and share their toilet training tales.

Nadya Suleman has 14 children. Sure we often call her the Octomom, but before she had the 8 kids at once, she already had 6 at home. My wife and I often talk about how crazy things must be at her place when our 2 boys get out of hand.

Then there’s The Duggars with their 19 (is it 20 yet?) Kids and Counting. The well oiled machine the Duggars have to get everything from lunches to laundry accomplished is something we could all look at for inspiration.

I look at those with large families with intimidation and awe.

I admit there are times when I wish we would have had just 1 kid. I openly advocate for parents to really think twice before putting themselves in a position where they are outnumbered by their children. The Gosselins, Sulemans, and Duggars are all extreme outliers in our societal average of 1.86 children per family.

Then you have Pu Ziona, a leader of a Christian sect in India who has 94 children with 39 wives.

They all live in a pale purple 100 room mansion, and last week the Times of India reported the family was growing to 200 members. According to Ziona’s eldest son Parliana, 55 of his children, 12 daughters-in-law, four sons-in-law and 86 of his 128 grandchildren were living in the home run by the 39 wives.

Every married couple gets a private room or cubicle and is given a monthly allowance, while children and young unmarried adults live in large dormitories. Ziona’s oldest wife, Thiangi, draws up the weekly schedule for the wives which includes household duties and conjugal visits. Each wife will share the double bed of Ziona for one week before trading off to another.

Thiangi also manages the kitchen, which must prepare nearly 250 pounds of meat, vegetables, and rice for each and every meal.

Watch this video to see how the large family makes things happen:

So, tell me again how busy your family is?

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