Theo and Beau: Another Reason Animals Are So Good for Kids

We’ve started to hear about studies confirming pets being good for children. These past few weeks, Jessica from Momma’s Gone City posted on her Instagram, then her blog, a series of pictures with her children and their new puppy. Specifically her son Beau with Theo the puppy. Hashtagged #theoandbeau, these photos exploded when people realized how these two really have that “little boy and his dog” bond already.

“Numerous studies have shown that dogs — one of the earliest domesticated animals — can help lower blood pressure, ease the loneliness of the elderly in nursing homes, and help children overcome allergies.” –

Knowing this, millions of Americans turn to pets each year to provide their families with a little something special. Whether it’s the older children ready for the extra responsibility of a pet, or a younger one that wants a companion, all kinds of pets are generally thought of as being an essential part of childhood.

After we lost twin boys in May 2012, a few months later we ended up adopting a Cheagle (Beagle and Chihuahua mix) from a family that was moving. He filled some of that ache in our hearts for what we didn’t get in the crazy and bustle of expecting two babies. He was healing for our daughter, and we joke about how the two act more like siblings now than pet and owner.

But nothing shows the power of love between an animal and their human like photos. Take a look through these absolutely precious ones from Momma’s Gone City of her son Beau and their new dog Theo.


  • Puppy Breath 1 of 10

    Most of us don't like to breathe in someone's breath (my husband and I have a rule we won't face each other at night for that reason), but these two seem pretty content. 

    Photo Credit: MommasGoneCity on Instagram

  • Hugs 2 of 10

    Look how he's able to nap even with a warm puppy that obviously moves around! Such a great napper. 

    Photo Credit: MommasGoneCity on Instagram 

  • Chillin’ 3 of 10

    I love how Theo can't seem to get close enough to Beau. 

    Photo Credit: MommasGoneCity on Instagram 

  • Buns Up 4 of 10

    I've always wondered how a toddler sleeps this way comfortably. Now I'm wondering how they manage to do it with a dog on them too!

    Photo Credit: MommasGoneCity on Instagram

  • Bath Time 5 of 10

    Happy little faces with their new puppy in the bath. It's a great part of childhood to learn how to care for and play with your pet. 

    Photo Credit: MommasGoneCity on Instagram

  • Hanging Out 6 of 10

    Their legs kill me in this picture. Also it looks like Theo is trying to just nuzzle into Beau as tight as he can. 

    Photo Credit: MommasGoneCity on Instagram

  • Snuggles 7 of 10

    What little boy doesn't want a puppy like this to be his best friend and fellow nap taker?

    Photo Credit: MommasGoneCity on Instagram

  • A Little Closer 8 of 10

    Even a blanket doesn't stop Theo from getting next to Beau. I am in awe that this kid just never wakes up with the dog there. 

    Photo Credit: MommasGoneCity on Instagram

  • Space 9 of 10

    Personal space, everyone needs it sometimes. 

    Photo Credit: MommasGoneCity on Instagram

  • Colorful Love 10 of 10

    What a background for this gorgeous shot of the two entwined in nap time snuggles. 

    Photo Credit: MommasGoneCity on Instagram

Jessica has graciously asked her readers to donate or share the needs of the Santa Cruz SPCA & Humane Society where Theo was adopted: .


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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