Theo and Beau: Unconditional Love in the Chaos of Childhood

“DON’T LOOK AT ME CHAWIE NOOOOOOOO!” screams Bella in a moment of temper tantrum that our dog Charlie may have had his eyes on her. A second later, they are both playing together on the floor, she’s showing him a new toy and asking him not to chew it up.

These are our days at home with my 4-year-old and her puppy. She adores him, he’s her best friend. She also treats him more like a sibling than a dog — whining when he has her things, flipping out if he touches her on the couch, pattering through the house calling his name when she needs to snuggle. Through our years of ups and downs, Charlie has been there with her as long as her little memory can recall. We adopted him as a puppy, so all he knows is her. He’s become accustomed to her meltdowns and tough love over the past year and a half. He seems to know when she needs him the most.

Bella and Charlie

In the midst of the chaos that life in general can cause for children, for any reason, a pet often becomes the one solid thing their hearts can rely on. Children know that their solace can be found in a four (or two) legged friend. Quick to forgive with a love that is unconditional, pets make the ideal partner for a child who is taught how to care and play with one.

The recent phenomena of Theo and Beau, that has swept all of us away with its adorable “dog and his boy” friendship, is still continuing as these two grow up together in the spotlight. Their momma, Jessica from Momma’s Gone City, captures awake and asleep moments together for her Instagram audience — partially to raise awareness and funds for the Santa Cruz SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), but also for us to share in the magic of this bond. It’s a pretty spectacular sight — and when you read the comments, you realize just how many people think the same about their pets. There is just something incredible about an animal who finds his person.

Click through to see some of the new heartwarming and gorgeous Theo and Beau photos:

  • Sleeping in the Stars 1 of 10

    I am loving how Theo is seriously almost as big as Beau now. It won't be long...

    Photo from Mommas Gone City on Instagram

  • Hugs 2 of 10

    The hugs. So impressive that Theo stays like this for naps. 

    Photo from Mommas Gone City on Instagram

  • Stretching Out 3 of 10

    I'd love to know:

    A. How does her kid nap so well?!

    B. Where does she get him the most stylish clothes?

    Photo from Mommas Gone City on Instagram

  • Hoodies 4 Ever 4 of 10

    I can't even with this photo. I put our dog Charlie in a sweater type thing yesterday and he almost had a seizure trying to get it off. 

    Photo from Mommas Gone City on Instagram 

  • Little Bit Closer 5 of 10

    Just so much love. I adore the pattern on this too. 

    Photo from Mommas Gone City on Instagram

  • Look to the Right 6 of 10

    Theo can't get any closer to Beau. I think they'll have to go to college like this. 

    Photo from Mommas Gone City on Instagram

  • You and Me 7 of 10

    NO. Look at the nap hair and cheeks. How are they both this cute? 

    Photo from Mommas Gone City on Instagram

  • Colorful Naps 8 of 10

    I think Beau's shirt sums this up nicely. 

    Photo from Mommas Gone City on Instagram

  • Out for a Walk 9 of 10

    The pink stroller just kills me. The glasses do too. This kid is absolutely rockin' the cool look here. 

    Photo from Mommas Gone City on Instagram

  • Leopards and Shoes 10 of 10
    Screenshot 2013-12-09 14.03.51

    It's pretty awesome that his outfit has leopards and he still has his shoes on. I swear, I need him to come give Bella nap lessons. 

    Photo from Mommas Gone City on Instagram


Find more of Jessica, Theo, Beau, and their family on:

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