7 Inspiring Kids Who Have Launched Their Own Businesses

The fourth Thursday of April is Take Your Child to Work Day. It’s a great chance to show kids the ropes of “the real world” as they get ready to make career decisions of their own.

But what if it’s the kid that is the boss? Check out these 7 entrepreneuring kids who just might be celebrating Take Your Parents to Work Day.

  • Who’s the boss? 1 of 10
    Check out these 7 kids who started their own businesses, and get some tips to help your kids kickstart their own startup.
  • Ally Mollo, 12 – Custard N Jelly 2 of 10
    When Ally was 8, she created the Guardian Angel Rainbow Division (G.A.R.D.), an "elite task force of angels" created with "talents, special skills and gave each one an emotional strength that helped them to earn their wings." Ally believes her grandfather is her guardian angel, and wanted kids to have their own, too. Each doll has a unique code that lets purchasers select a benefiting charity.
    Image via Custard N Jelly
  • Sarkis Johnson, 13 – Liquid Chicken 3 of 10
    When Sarkis was still learning to walk, he was put on a skateboard. The love affair was born. This 13-year-old runs his own skateboard clothing line, Liquid Chicken, from his bedroom. via kidpreneurs.org
    Image via Liquid Chicken
  • Asya Gonzalez, 16 – Stinky Feet Gurlz 4 of 10
    Asya Gonzales designs 1940s-inspired T-shirts and apparel. Her mom showed her a childhood doodle featuring big red lips and pin curls and the idea was born. As for the Stinky Feet Gurlz name? That was a nickname Asya's mother gave to her and her cousin when they would kick off their shoes after a hard day of play.
    Image via Stinky Feet Gurlz
  • Leanna Archer, 15 – Leanna’s Hair 5 of 10
    Leanna knew she wanted to be in the beauty industry at 11. People continued to compliment her on her hair, and she knew it was because of her homemade treatments and products. Leanna Inc. was born, and she saw her revenues soar past $100,000. That picture at the top? That was the day she was the youngest CEO to ever open the NASDAQ.
    Image via Leanna Inc
  • Robert Nay, 14 – Nay Games 6 of 10
    Robert is a video maker who saw his first ever game, Bubble Ball, soar up the iTunes charts with more than 2 million downloads in the first week. It was big enough to knock Angry Birds off the list. Robert continues to write new levels for his physics brain teaser game.
    Image via Stylesight
  • Caine Monroy, 10 – Caine’s Arcade 7 of 10
    The story of Caine's Arcade was one of the most uplifting of 2012. Caine used to kill time at his dad's automotive shop by building arcade games out of old boxes. A filmmaker told his story, it went viral, and now Caine gives inspirational speeches to kids and business leaders alike.
    Image via Caine's Arcade
  • Hart Man, 13 – Man Cans 8 of 10
    Hart doesn't just make scented candles targeted toward men; he does it with a healthy dose of giving back. Man Cans are candles made in soup cans. The soup is bought and donated to a soup kitchen. The cans are then turned into candles that smell like sawdust, dirt, or Memphis BBQ. At last count, Hart's candles were helping feed people at 25 kitchens across four states.
    Image via Man Cans
  • The Startup Kids 9 of 10
    The Startup Kids is a documentary about young web entrepreneurs. It shows successful entrepreneurs telling stories of making their own desks for their businesses and explaining how they managed to make $30M by age 17 and lose it by 20. The founders of Vimeo, Soundcloud, Kiip, InDinero, Dropbox, Foodspotting, and more help explain how "anyone with a web connection can build anything."
    Image via The Startup Kids
  • Kidpreneurs 10 of 10
    Got a kid who has a bright idea and wants to do it on their own? Check out Kidpreneurs.org. Brothers Adam and Matthew Toren have made it their mission to help kids start their own business.
    Image via Kidpreneurs.org

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