8 Things I Took For Granted Before I Became a Mom

I absolutely LOVE being a Mom. A wish I had forever and one I am so thankful that I was able to fulfill.  There is no way that I would change my life now or wish away some of the choices we made as far as becoming a Mom.

There are some things that now I realize I took for granted pre-kids. During these crazy moments in Motherhood I have times where I wish I could go back and tell ‘pre-kids me’ some secrets about the future. It’s funny how your perception on life and living changes when you become a parent — hindsight is 20/20, right?

Click through for 8 things I realize now I took for granted before becoming a Mom:

  • Being Able To Have ME Time 1 of 8
    Being Able To Have ME Time
    Then: Before I had kids I was able to just be with myself whenever I wanted. I never took advantage of that though thinking I was happier around other people.
    Now: I would love to have some alone ME time.
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  • The Concept of ‘Manageable Laundry’ 2 of 8
    The Concept of 'Manageable Laundry'
    Then: Pre-kids I never understood what the big deal with laundry was. Dirty basket of clothes to washer, then dryer then put away. Easy.
    Now: I swear laundry is taking over my life. It always seems to be out of control and I just can't seem to manage it all.
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  • The Ability To Shower Without Scheduling It In 3 of 8
    The Ability To Shower Without Scheduling It In
    Then: Before having children the biggest struggle around the shower was who took all the hot water and where are the clean towels.
    Now: It feels like I have to literally schedule a 'shower' into my calendar just to make time for one.
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  • Ahhh… Sleeping In 4 of 8
    Ahhh... Sleeping In
    Then: Before kids if it was a weekend I would stay up late and sleep in the next day. I (naively) thought that was what the weekend was for.
    Now: I have to trade favors and make deals with the husband to see who can take the extra hour while the other entertains the kids.
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  • Using The Bathroom Without Audience 5 of 8
    Using The Bathroom Without Audience
    Then: Pre-children days I had to use the washroom - I went in, locked the door and did my thing.
    Now: I don't even know why I bother having a door for the room. The kids find me, come in at their own will. If it's not them - there is evidence of them on the toilet (toys).
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  • Sneezing Without Being Afraid of Peeing 6 of 8
    Sneezing Without Being Afraid of Peeing
    Then: Ah the days before carrying a child on top of my bladder -- I had no idea...
    Now: I have to sneeze and squeeze at the same time... just in case...
    Photo Credit: Accustomed Chaos
  • My Figure 7 of 8
    My Figure
    Then: Before I became a Mom I was not kind to my body. Always self-conscious and thinking I was bigger then I was.
    Now: I have no illusions. My figure has changed, my skin has changed and I took the previous one for granted.
    Photo Credit: Accustomed Chaos
  • … SILENCE … 8 of 8
    ... SILENCE ...
    Then: I am having a hard time even remembering this one but I do believe that before kids there was something called "quiet"? I used to hate the silence always trying to fill it with something.
    Now: There...
    Photo Credit: Accustomed Chaos

:: Is there anything you miss from pre-kid days or anything you realize you took for granted? ::

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