Bizarre Things I’ve Said To My Children

Nathan Ripperger

The reason I have Twitter accounts for my children is to keep track of the strange, bizarre things that only kids will say.

Sentences like:

“Have you ever eaten a tuba fish sandwich?”

“I’ve got a cactus in my nose. It’s green and pointy and makes you sneeze.”

Father of four, Nathan Ripperger, has a great spin on the darndest things kids say and how to remember them. He has created works of art out of the things he’s said to them (usually in response to the crazy things they say and do).

“Every parent has that moment when they say to themselves ‘Wow, I can’t believe that came out of my mouth,'” he said. “For me this seemed like the logical thing to do to commemorate these unique times with my children in poster form.”

See 10 Things I’ve Said To My Kids after the jump.

Nathan has an Etsy store where you can buy the posters starting at $15 each. He also has some posters where he’s used Little Monsters as motivation to get his kids to do things like washing their hands, and washing their teeth.

Those are awesome.

What sentences would you offer Nathan for future works? What crazy things have come out of your mouth?

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