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    There’ll Never Be Time-in!

    Funny Things Kids Say: There’ll Never Be Time-in! My 4-year-old nephew: “Will my teacher put me in time-out for picking my nose?”

    Submitted by Kate

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    Lord of the Flies

    Funny Things Kids Say: Lord of the Flies First grader: “Mom, I learned that the teacher is in charge, and I don’t think that’s fair. I think the kids should be in charge.”

    Submitted by Ashlee

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    Mad Man

    Funny Things Kids Say: Mad Man I asked my friend's little boy if he was looking forward to going back to school, and he said: "Yes! I got all kinds of new ways to make my teacher mad!’"

    Submitted by Samantha

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    Uh …

    Funny Things Kids Say: Uh … That there is a girl in her new class that has trouble keeping her eyes on the same thing. “One looks at me, and the other looks around for stuff.”

    Submitted by Kyonda

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    Gotta Text My BFFs

    Funny Things Kids Say: Gotta Text My BFFs “Yeah!! My social life is back on track!”

    Submitted by Teresa

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    Taking School by the Horns

    Funny Things Kids Say: Taking School by the Horns My daughter that is in kindergarten says that it’s bull crap that they don't have school on Saturday and Sunday.

    Submitted by Ashley

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    Sore Subject

    Funny Things Kids Say: Sore Subject “Why do we have to go to school? I hate it ... and all we do is go there, sit, pick up a pencil, and write all day, then my hand is sore. How can something be so awful? It's torture everyday.”

    Submitted by Kristen

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    Funny Things Kids Say: Overachiever My son is in 1st grade this year. He told me that he was going to wait ’til he was in 12th grade before he went back so he would have only one year to complete.

    Submitted by Rhonda

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    Bieber Fever is Sooo 9th Grade!

    Funny Things Kids Say: Bieber Fever is Sooo 9th Grade! My 10th-grade son, who has been fighting me on getting his hair cut for two years (he has the shaggy, Justin Bieber thing going on), came home from school and said he wanted to get his hair cut. I eyed him warily and asked him why he changed his mind. "Oh, because Julie said it would look cool."

    Submitted by Jenny

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    Roses … Violets … Same Thing

    Funny Things Kids Say: Roses … Violets … Same Thing She said: “Daddy I can spell red. B-L-U-E.” First grade.

    Submitted by Lisa

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    Don’t Cry Over Spilled Calculus Equations

    Funny Things Kids Say: Don’t Cry Over Spilled Calculus Equations My granddaughter told her mother she was scared (and she was crying). Her mother asked her why and she said: "I don't know how to do homework!!" She just started kindergarten ...

    Submitted by Suzanne

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    Shopping for Supplies

    Funny Things Kids Say: Shopping for Supplies My 8-year-old asked if I was going to buy "back to work" shoes.

    Submitted by Arnebya

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    Funny Things Kids Say: Ditto My little brother wakes up everyday and says: “I don't wanna go to school — I need a vacation.”

    Submitted by Laurenn

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    Not a Good Sign

    Funny Things Kids Say: Not a Good Sign "Why did you sign me up for school?”

    Submitted by Jennifer

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    Mixed Emotions

    Funny Things Kids Say: Mixed Emotions My 1st-grader came home the first day and fell asleep in the car. I asked her why: “First grade is really hard.”

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    School Rules!

    Funny Things Kids Say: School Rules! My 3-year-old just started preschool. I asked him what he did: “We ate 3 times, we played 3 times, and went to sleep. I like school!’”

    Submitted by Jbabi

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    Funny Things Kids Say: Sleepytime “Do they take naps in 1st grade?”

    Submitted by Talina

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    Stop. Collaborate and Listen.

    Funny Things Kids Say: Stop. Collaborate and Listen. My son started kindergarten this year and on his first day, I asked if he had gotten into trouble. He said: “Not really. I did get caught talking when I wasn't supposed to, but I didn't get in trouble for it.” I asked what he learned for next time, expecting to hear “Not talk” or “Listen” and instead he said: “Not get caught.” It was hard not to laugh when correcting him!

    Submitted by Michelle

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    Young and Wise

    Funny Things Kids Say: Young and Wise My 5th-grader said he already knows enough.

    Submitted by Ketrina

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    Funny Things Kids Say: Tag-a-Long “Mommy, can you go with me?”

    Submitted by Amanda

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    Early Learner

    Funny Things Kids Say: Early Learner My 1st-grader said: “I already know everything.”

    Submitted by Pranvera

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