Things My Kids Know How To Do. (And I Don't)

The other day I was singing a happy tune– Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better, from Annie Get Your Gun, when suddenly I stopped in my dancing shoes and realized- Huh. That’s not true.

Because there is a lot that my kids can do better than I can. Mostly because I don’t know how to do those things at all.

Go figure.

Are there things that your kids can do better than you can?

Click through for some of the ways that my kids outshine me.

  • Know Different Names for Clouds 1 of 8
    Know Different Names for Clouds
    I know Cumulus and then I'm done. They know Cumulus and Cirrus and Stratus and I think pretty much all of them. So when I exclaim, "hey, doesn't that cloud look like a hat?" They look up and pronounce it to be an Altostratus.
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  • Read Sheet Music 2 of 8
    Read Sheet Music
    I am musically illiterate and they think it's hysterical that I can't read music. I think it's sad.
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  • Type With Their Eyes Closed 3 of 8
    Type With Their Eyes Closed
    I didn't learn to type until my 20s. They learned before they turned 5. They are faster than I am, too. And probably type more interesting things. Sob!
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  • Throw a Pitch. 4 of 8
    Throw a Pitch.
    Related: Hit the ball.
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  • Know the Pokemon Names 5 of 8
    Know the Pokemon Names
    I know Pikachu and Piplup and then you're on your own.
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  • Hula Hoop 6 of 8
    Hula Hoop
    I can do it for about 12 seconds. They can do it for many, many more minutes.
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  • Play the Piano 7 of 8
    Play the Piano
    I can't play any musical instrument; my kids can play the piano with their eyes closed. Literally.
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  • Play Chess 8 of 8
    Play Chess
    I can play chess, but badly. You know you're playing chess badly when you're being beaten by an 8 year old.
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