Boy Sees Himself on Jumbotron, and Then It Goes Horribly Wrong

I dont know what it is about little boys and sticking out their tongue and taking off their shirt.

My son and I love going to lacrosse games together, and whenever that ‘dance contest’ thing comes up during an intermission, where the camera pans the crowd for crazy dancing fans, it always scrolls across some boys who have ripped off their shirts, are sticking out their tongues, and are galloping Gangnam Style.

It always happens. Don’t believe me, witness this viral Vine posted by Rayven Tirado, host and reporter at Sporting News. The 6 second clip is of a young boy out with what appears to be his uncle, dad, and grandpa at a game in Florida this week.

Woah. You can’t un-see that, I know, so let’s break it down second by second.

It’s harmless at first, then goes horribly wrong (or right) — they are sitting quietly, eyes on the big TV in the stadium during a break in the play. Nothing too exciting.

Kid Dancing at Game is bored

The kid is the first to spot their big break.

Kid Sees Self on Jumbotron

Then the grown-ups see themselves. The smiles brighten, they wave … stuff all guys do when they get on the screen, except the boy loses it.

Vine Boy On Jumbotron

Then he lifts up his shirt.

Kid on Jumbotron

And then he dances in a way that would make even James Brown‘s mom blush.

Kid Dancing on Jumbotron

The clip is just 6 seconds long, and it is awesome and disturbing all at once. I’ve seen the Vine 100 times because it’s a Vine, and it loops without being able to stop it, and I still crack up laughing every single time.

He’s, what, seven? Maybe eight? And the moment he sees himself on a 40 foot TV in center filed, his first instinct is to stick out his tongue, lift up his shirt, and grind?

Some have called the video fake, saying the kids head looks big, or the shadows are funny. It’s real. This is a video of a TV screen, and it’s not done straight on, so the angle is a little distorted.

I know it’s real, because I’ve been to dozens of sporting events and have seen other little boys go this route when they get on camera. It’s just what they do, apparently.

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