This House is Coolest Toy EVER!

What kind of house do you dream of raising your kids in? My family lives in a tiny 2 bedroom prewar apartment in Manhattan. I love it here, but it doesn’t stop me from thinking about moving to a large farm house in the country. Or perhaps a Victorian gingerbread house? An Igloo?!  But those houses aren’t really for my family.

My real dream houses appear in the glossy pages of Dwell Magazine each month. All the modern clean lines!  And don’t get me started on the the ones that have small efficient spaces and that are sparsely decorated. Those homes feel so light and airy, nothing like my currently house. I can barely see the sky! So you can understand why THIS is what I want Santa to bring me . . . errr my kids this year. It’s incredible!

Here it is: The Dylan House by Brinca Dada! I adore it. It’s modern, breezy, and sooo clean. If it were life size, I would move my family into it in a second. Wait, no. I love city life, let me rephrase that. I would buy this as my summer home in a second! Until then, I’ll have to stick to the model size.  I just checked the website and it’s still on sale for $119!

Have you seen THE FURNITURE that goes with it? You have got to check out the furniture! For only $12 you can fill up the whole house!

Below are some different views of the Dylan House in the slideshow. I even included pictures of the furniture.

What are your thoughts on this ultra modern toy house?

  • Love the Colors! 1 of 9
    Love the Colors!
  • The Rear View 2 of 9
    The Rear View
  • Love the Lawn Roof 3 of 9
    Love the Lawn Roof
  • Cozy Living Room 4 of 9
    Cozy Living Room
  • Bright Dining Room 5 of 9
    Bright Dining Room
  • Modern Kitchen 6 of 9
    Modern Kitchen
  • Spacious Bathroom 7 of 9
    Spacious Bathroom
  • Clean Bedroom 8 of 9
    Clean Bedroom
  • Outdoor Furniture! 9 of 9
    Outdoor Furniture!

Top Photo Credit: Dwell

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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