This Week’s Mommy Brain Moments: Read ‘Em and Laugh!

I’m not gonna lie, sometimes motherhood makes me do dumb things. I did five dumb things this week and I peg them all to the chaotic life I lead. The things I did made me “silly mad.” The kind of mad where you laugh at yourself and shrug it off, but still think about it and wonder, what’s wrong with me? 

1. Wrote out my credit card bill. “Can I mail it, Mommy, can I? Can I?” JD asked tugging on my shirt. I handed him the envelope. We walked downstairs and I hoisted him up. He opened the sliver door and tossed the envelope down the shoot. As the door smacked shut I realized there was no stamp on the envelope. And I finally registered to make online payments. Jazz hands. I entered 2012.

2. Left JD’s coveted blue blanket at the shore. Bad. Scary Bad. JD is currently in bed with a random blanket I found in my closet. I told him it was “special.” It’s one of those cheapo blankets with fringe that I got in Mexico. It’s neon pink, black and green—and scratchy. He’s thrilled. To my defense, JD was refusing to leave the shore and I couldn’t locate his flip flop. I needed to leave before I lost my sh*t. Lone flip flop still AWOL. 

3. Packed a delicious, nutritious lunch for work. And left it on the kitchen counter. The salad was warm and wilted when I got home at 6 PM. Spent 10 bucks on a sandwich. JD’s lunch made it to camp. But I neglected to pack a fork and was told so: “Mom, I had no fork? What were you thinking?”

4. Washed and dried my brand new bikini. Brand new bikini will now fit JD’s friend, Lily. RIP. Too pissed to explore this further.

5. Busy getting ready for company and still had a million things to do, I shoved a bottle of Skinny Girl Margarita in the freezer, not fridge. In case you didn’t know, tequila is not like vodka or rum. It will freeze. And it did. And it’s defrosting. Company did not indulge. I served water until the beer run person returned with beer. Go me!!

Your turn! What are some of your d’oh mom brain moments of late? Don’t be shy.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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