Those Were The Days: Adorable Vintage Valentines For Kids

The clever word play really cracks me up.
The clever word play really cracks me up.

No Spongebob bidding you a sponge-tastic Valentines Day.

No Dora wishing you a feliz dia de san valentin.

Backyardigans? Fuggeddaboutit.

Just simple, sweet valentine sentiments. The kind of valentines your mom and dad probably exchanged with friends when they were kids.

And guess what? Thanks to, you can download many of them for your own kids.

There’s something to be said about original creations in a Valentine’s Day market now dominated by cartoon characters.

The word play on the valentines is the best. As most of the cards are from the 50s, I have a mental image of  a team of dudes (not unlike the crew on Mad Men) sitting around their offices, smoking like chimneys while coming up with these clever gems.

A million times better than “Boots wishes you a banana-riffic Valentine’s Day”, if you ask me.

A few of my favorites are below with my, uh, stellar commentary.

  • Frigid Air 1 of 19
    Frigid Air
    My husband should give me this.
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  • Let’s Be Frank 2 of 19
    Let's Be Frank
    I'm refraining from making a dirty joke here.
    Photo Credit:
  • Finishing Touches 3 of 19
    Finishing Touches
    Whoever came up with this valentine was prolly trying to impress a woman. But seriously, HUH?
    Photo Credit:
  • Hawaii You Feel About Being My Valentine? 4 of 19
    Hawaii You Feel About Being My Valentine?
    Wanna get lei'd? Sorry. It was too easy.
    Photo Credit:
  • Mushroom In My Heart 5 of 19
    Mushroom In My Heart
    Nothing says romance like mushrooms!
    Photo Credit:
  • A Handy Valentine 6 of 19
    A Handy Valentine
    I had a whole thing here about the handy, but...well, nevermind.
    Photo Credit:
  • Let’s Strike Up a Match 7 of 19
    Let's Strike Up a Match
    I burn for your love.
    Photo Credit:
  • Heels Over Head 8 of 19
    Heels Over Head
    Aw cupid. You're so stupid.
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  • Hot Cakes 9 of 19
    Hot Cakes
    Just my dish.
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  • Billboard 10 of 19
    Stuck on you!
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  • No Bones About It 11 of 19
    No Bones About It
    What? Skeletons and Valentine's Day go hand in hand!
    Photo Credit:
  • Haunting for a Valentine 12 of 19
    Haunting for a Valentine
    Hoping to steal your heart.
    Photo Credit:
  • You Suit Me To A Tea 13 of 19
    You Suit Me To A Tea
    Nothing says Valentine's Day love like tea, amirite?
    Photo Credit:
  • Not The Brush Off! 14 of 19
    Not The Brush Off!
    A swell combination.
    Photo Credit:
  • Lucky Strike 15 of 19
    Lucky Strike
    His legs are freaking me out. What is going on there?
    Photo Credit:
  • Pop A Corny Question 16 of 19
    Pop A Corny Question
    Kindy corny.
    Photo Credit:
  • Soda Lighed 17 of 19
    Soda Lighed
    Say it three times times fast and it'll make sense.
    Photo Credit:
  • A Toast To My Valentine 18 of 19
    A Toast To My Valentine
    Hunk a burnin' love.
    Photo Credit:
  • Kiss Bazaar 19 of 19
    Kiss Bazaar
    Her dress is inappropriate. More like Kiss Bizarre.
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