12 Tips for Getting the Most Magic Out of Your Time at Disneyland

You’re planning a trip to Disneyland; yesssss!

You have every right to be excited as you and your family embark on a magical adventure at “The Happiest Place on Earth”! Disneyland is the one place you’re encouraged to be a kid again and celebrate the magic and wonder of childhood.

You’ll obviously want to pack in as much fun as you can, so check out these 12 tips for getting the most out of your magical day at Disneyland!

  • Buy admission tickets ahead of time 1 of 12
    Buy admission tickets ahead of time
    Don't stand in a line you don't have to! Purchase your Disneyland tickets online here and let the magic begin!
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  • Know before you go 2 of 12
    Know before you go
    I used to drag my kids from ride to ride checking height requirements only to disappoint them when they weren't tall enough to ride. Verizon's free Mobile Magic app tells you height and physical restriction information before you go!
    Tip: Measure your child at home before you go
    (I honestly didn't know if my kid was 38" or 42").
  • Eat breakfast at home 3 of 12
    Eat breakfast at home
    Fill up those bellies so hungry for fun with a hearty breakfast at home. Avoid the cost and time associated with a breakfast pit stop; there's too much fun to be had!
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  • Bring snacks 4 of 12
    Bring snacks
    No one wants to stop having fun for a quick snack (especially kids). Save yourself a little time and money by bringing snacks into the park.
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  • Arrive early 5 of 12
    Arrive early
    Arrive at the park as soon as it opens and head straight to your favorite ride for a short wait to maximize your day. Disneyland park hours can be found here.
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  • Get FASTPASS 6 of 12
    FASTPASS is a free benefit available to all park guests that holds your place in line! Learn more about FASTPASS here and then use Verizon's free Mobile Magic app to track FASTPASS times for all your favorite attractions!
  • Know your wait times 7 of 12
    Know your wait times
    Have you ever walked all the way to an attraction on the opposite end of the park only to find the wait time to be atrocious? Forget that! Verizon's free Mobile Magic app allows you to see attraction wait times at a glance so you can maximize your magical time.
  • Be flexible 8 of 12
    Be flexible
    Advance planning can go a long way in ensuring you do everything on your Disney agenda, but hop into those lines with unexpected short wait times when you spot 'em!
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  • Schedule visits to your favorite characters 9 of 12
    Schedule visits to your favorite characters
    Verizon's free Mobile Magic app allows you to plan your day around your favorite characters, letting you know where and when they can be found!
  • To the left 10 of 12
    To the left
    I read somewhere that on rides with two wait lines, the left moves faster than the right. While I'm not sure if there's any science behind this logic, we tested the theory out on Jungle Cruise and it worked!
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  • Best times to ride 11 of 12
    Best times to ride
    You have the best chance of avoiding long ride wait times if you hit them up first thing in the morning and during parades and spectaculars (not that you want to miss those!).
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  • Avoid peak meal times 12 of 12
    Avoid peak meal times
    Grab your lunch between 1:30 pm - 3:30 p.m. and grab dinner after 6 p.m.
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What are your tips for maximizing your time at Disneyland?

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