‘Tis the Season: 25 Funny Pictures of Kids with Santa

Every holiday season, parents all over the world take their kids to see Jolly Old St. Nick for priceless shots that will hang on the fridge for years to come.

And every year, some parents get the most epic holiday photos on earth. Whether their child hated Santa with the passion of a thousand burning suns, could have cared less about him, or decided to ham it up for the camera, I’ve compiled a list of 25 funny pictures of kids with Santa from readers.

Most of these parents I know personally or well online, and they are all loving moms and dads. They adore their kids, but let’s face it – nothing is much funnier than your kid totally freaking out in a perfectly safe environment for no apparent reason. Something about Santa seems to trigger that in children.

Compiled below are 25 of the most amazingly funny pictures of kids with Santa.


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  • He’s Overreacting Again 2 of 25

    I laugh every.single.time I see this picture. Every time. His siblings faces are simply priceless. 

    Image courtesy of Merilee

  • Just Leave the Presents on the Doorstep! 3 of 25

    I don't know about you - but to me this kid looks pretty eager to get away from a very disappointed Santa. 

    Image courtesy of Rebecca

  • I will EXPLODE 4 of 25

    I can't decide if the look of pure horror on his face is funnier - or his sister's look of shock. 

    Image courtesy of Kayla

  • Don’t TOUCH ME 5 of 25

    WHOA. Both of them hollering in this one is a classic. I'm pretty sure that one sets the other off and it's like a chain effect here. 

    Image courtesy of Sarah

  • None of It! 6 of 25

    Aw!! Her little red shoes even look angry! 

    Image courtesy of Amanda


  • NOOOOO 7 of 25

    Even Mrs. Claus tried to get in on the comforting action. Looks like she failed. 

    Image courtesy of Kristin

  • It’s All in the Eyes 8 of 25

    What is wrong with this Santa? I don't blame those kids for being terrified. He looks like he's going to eat them.

     Image courtesy of Erika 

  • Double the Hate 9 of 25

    It takes two to hold these twins down. I love how casual Santa looks; making kids cry, no big deal. 

    Image courtesy of Suz 

  • Kids will be Kids 10 of 25

    Even with Santa, there is always a time to ham it up for the camera. I love how her brother is so attentive and she's like, "Hey look at me!"

    Image courtesy of Alena

  • You Smell Like Beef and Cheese 11 of 25

    I can hear the screams coming out of this photo. Santa looks like he took some anti-anxiety meds before this. 

    Image courtesy of Crystal 

  • Literally 12 of 25

    What happens when you ask a very literal preschooler to write a letter to Santa? He'll do exactly what you asked!

    Image courtesy of Krista

  • You Make Me Sad Inside 13 of 25

    Her little face! She just dislikes Santa so much that it's adorable. 

    Image courtesy of Morgan

  • Stressed Out Santa 14 of 25

    These kids are moving so fast away from Santa the camera can't even catch them. Santa seems like he's on the verge. 

    Image courtesy of Alyssa

  • Heavenly Peace 15 of 25

    You know this Santa was probably just relieved to have a silent child for a few minutes. This is precious. 

    Image courtesy of Jacqueline

  • Sibling Love 16 of 25

    Best thing about this picture? Their mom's explanation: "He didn't start smiling until she started crying!" That's amazing. 

    Image courtesy of Jaclynn

  • Sad x2 17 of 25

    Well this is just perfect. I love that they turned it into a Christmas card - because these two are too cute, even angry. 

    Image courtesy of Shelby

  • Meh. 18 of 25

    Nothing like getting your kids ready to see Santa, dressing them up, driving them over, waiting in line, paying a crazy amount for a photo, and having them look like, "This is who we're excited about? This guy isn't worth it."

    Image courtesy of Jessica

  • Throwing It All Out There 19 of 25

    Two hands Santa. This one is a slider and an exploder. Even mad she's cute. 

    Image courtesy of Ann

  • Running from the Evil 20 of 25

    From dad Buzz: "Charlie has never liked Santa much. This pic is from 2012 and pretty much sums up what happened the moment he got near the beard. This year, we got our first bonafide smiling on Santa's lap shot and it's magical."

    It really is. Also - their shirts are magical. So cute. 

    Image courtesy of DadCAMP

  • I’ve Got This 21 of 25

    Nothing like a Santa who doesn't want any help. You can tell this guy has it all covered. Now if he can just walk the walk...

    More pics under the Instagram hashtag #judeblake. 

    Image courtesy of Nicole

  • Small, Cute, and Angry 22 of 25

    "Who is this scary man, and why is he holding me?"

    Image courtesy of Elizabeth 

  • I Can’t Breathe 23 of 25

    This poor kid is so terrified (and rightfully so - that Santa looks insane) that it looks like he's trying to muffle his screams. Let it go Santa. 

    Image courtesy of Martine

  • You’ve Failed Us Santa 24 of 25

    Nothing says, "Did you have a good time?" like this photo where two of the three are incredibly disappointed with Santa and that elf, and the other sister looks like she's telling the world, "Told you so." Love.it. 

    Image courtesy of Hanan

  • Pick a Winner 25 of 25

     Best. Picture. Ever. 

    Image courtesy of Ashley


Pictures all courtesy of parents.

Due to the overwhelming response to a call for these pics, only 25 were chosen. Thank you so much to all who submitted.


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